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Every person has or had great dreams in his life. Whether a person achieves these dreams or not depends only on one thing. Discipline.

Although most people want to achieve a lot, they live as if their dreams will eventually be given to them, only if they believe in it. But that’s not how life works. You have to have clearly defined goals. Small and big goals and then you work slowly towards these goals.

The goals

Everyone has to have goals so that he has anything he can achieve. If someone thinks he is something, he has stopped being and that is very sad. You should set daily, monthly, annual and life goals. Every day you do not pursue these goals is a lost day.

For example, I often see people just to do nothing a whole day, and every time I see that, it puzzles me again because I just can not explain it … But what do you do?

Just make a list of the things that matter most to you. Write them ordered by priority. Then you divide the list in two. You now have the top half and the bottom half. Now you have to prioritize the halves also urgent and not urgent. In the end, you should have created the following clusters of prioritization:

  • Important and urgent
  • Important and not urgent
  • Not important and urgent
  • Not important and not urgent

Now you are making a plan on how to work towards this goal. But watch out! Do not overestimate yourself …


The biggest mistake to achieve your goals is to overestimate yourself. Whether you are a university graduate, have a strong personality or have other special features. Everyone can overestimate himself.

This process must be approached slowly. As in sports. If you want to run a marathon directly, you will not make it. Or if you take the biggest weight directly in the gym, you will fail miserably. Still, the biggest mistake I’ve seen is that people have a routine in there and want to go all out right away.

An example:

I’ve been working on my İslâm Archive project for two hours every Sunday for several years. At some point, a friend told me that he would like to work with me. We would sit together and everyone would work on his project. After the second time, he asked me if we can not increase the time we work together so we can do more. My answer was that I have been doing this for years and I am not intend to increase it.

What the boy did wrong was that he rushed the thing and wanted to go straight to the maximum. You should start with little. Maybe half an hour a week. Then you can add another day. You should not put the working time on the same day, where you already work anyway. Because when you start to work regularly on your own goals, you should take it slow to be able to achieve your goals more relaxed.

The working hours should be rescheduled every two weeks. If it went well for two weeks and you feel like you’re doing more, just add one work unit. Nevertheless, increasing your work units by two is evidence of arrogance and endangering your goals.

Missed appointments

If you’ve missed your work unit, for whatever reason, you should not just ignore it. Get it done. And do everything to get it as fast as possible. If you have to catch up on more than 3 appointments, switch directly down a gear and delete a unit from your agenda until you get that number back under control.


If you’re new to work planning, you should not tell anyone because someone could say something negative and destroy your morale. Just do it for yourself in the beginning and keep it for yourself. If you need to tell, tell only after at least a month others of your work routine ..

Once a month take time to look at your progress and always remember:

le mieux est le mortel ennemi du bien

That roughly means: Perfection is the killer of the good. And that means it’s okay to be good. The perfect thing does not exist in things that a person does. If you expect perfection, you will fail bitterly. Everytime! So you should be satisfied with what you have achieved by the end of the month and keep working on recovery.


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