Work until the doctor comes!

When the work stress begins to change your character ...

  1. Age
  2. Much work bad?
    1. Working for money
    2. Working for values
  3. Mount Everest as a symbol
    1. The death zone
  4. Conclusion

I am writing this post because lately I notice more and more that people around me have to deal with so much stress because of their work, that I can not recognize their character at all.


I’m in my early thirties and like to remember a sentence from my grandfather. I said to him with 25: It feels like I’m at a stage in my life where I work so much that I can not find time for anything else. His answer was only:

Wait until you’re 40.

Rıza Sarıyürek

Much work bad?

It always depends on what you work for. Everything you do in life serves a purpose to get closer and it depends on what the goal is.

Working for money

If the only goal is to make money, you will enter a vicious circle from which it is difficult to escape without mental problems.

You will work a lot and earn a lot of money. Then you adapt your needs to these conditions and you will have to earn more money to meet these standards. Then everything starts from the beginning and you have no end. At some point you collapse (burnout) and this collapse is carried with you for a lifetime.

Working for values

On the other hand, you can do a certain amount of money and spend the rest of your family or other values.

This creates bliss and costs nothing. This gives you a more balanced life and can go through life stress-free.

Mount Everest as a symbol

You can use the climbing of Mount Everest as a symbol for its load scale. The higher the load scale, the less air you have to breathe. You have to acclimatize again and again, so that the body gets used to the given conditions, before you can continue to climb.

The death zone

What makes the climb of Mount Everest is the death zone. Once in the death zone, the body slowly begins to shut down and die. This means you have to hurry up and down before you die. It’s the same with stress. Once you’ve reached a stress scale level that you can not take anymore, you need to get out of the zone as soon as possible, otherwise you can not prevent burnout.


You should only work as much as you need and do not overload yourself senselessly. Above all, you should always get feedback and worry about whether you might have hurt someone you love through stress without noticing it.

That is what makes us humans in the end and we must take that into account in any case. Otherwise, we become working robots.


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