WordCamp Europe 2019 – We’re there!

On 20.06.2019 we go! Tickets and accommodations are already booked.

  1. What is WordCamp?
  2. What's so exciting about WordCamp Europe 2019?
  3. The Roadmap
  4. Conclusion

I did not know WordCamp until five years ago and was made aware of it by a service provider. Then I drove to WordCamp in Antwerp with my former colleague and it had brought a lot.

What is WordCamp?

A WordCamp is usually a two-day continuing education course that is mostly organized by independent persons. There are certain speakers or workshops where you can actively participate.

These speeches are never meanless and everyone can learn something from them. For example, at WordCamp Antwerp, I learned a lot about WordPress’ proprietary caching system.

What’s so exciting about WordCamp Europe 2019?

If you are a programmer or have to deal with WordPress, you will already have noticed that WordPress has introduced a new editor (Gutenberg). This editor is still new and will be further developed with every WordPress version. I hope to learn more about the editor in this WordCamp to deal with it better.

Furthermore, the creator of WordPress Matthew Mullenweg is also on the guest list and will give a speech. It’s like being an app programmer and listening to Steve Jobs or being an SEO service provider and listening to Larry Page.

The Roadmap

WordCamp Europe will take place from June 21, 2019 until June 22, 2019. I will fly to Berlin with my programmer colleagues on June 20th and we will spend some time together.

The next morning we will drive to the WordCamp and depending on the situation we will see what the process will be like there. The tickets have already been purchased and we are already excited about what to expect there.


Either way, I am convinced that we will take a lot of WordCamp Europe 2019 with us. We will get to know many new programmers and share our knowledge with the others.

It will also serve to strengthen the college knowledge and to get to know each other better. So it’s a win-win situation in any case.


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