WordCamp EU 2019

This was my first time in a WordCamp Main Event and here are my thoughts on it...

  1. What is a WordCamp?
  2. WordCamp EU 2019
    1. Organization
    2. Accessibility
    3. The presentations
    4. The speakers
  3. WordCamp EU 2020
  4. Conclusion

As mentioned in a previous post I was in a Main WordCamp event for the first time this year and now I would like to share my opinion.

What is a WordCamp?

A WordCamp is an event designed to help programmers and entrepreneurs who use WordPress or earn money with WordPress, come together to share ideas and opinions.

In this event, there are a lot of lectures. There are three lectures in parallel. Everyone can decide freely which lecture he wants to go to. In addition, there are further offers for the participants in this event. Amongst other things:

  • Having lunch
  • Wellness
  • Childcare
  • WP Cafe
  • Places to pull back

WordCamp EU 2019

The special thing about WordCamp EU 2019 is that it is the biggest WordCamp so far. There were over 3000 people present and have exchanged on various topics and talked.


Once, I would like to express my utmost respect for the people who organized it. Everything was planned to the smallest detail and everything worked without any problems.


All areas of the WordCamp were wheelchair accessible and for hearing aid owners it was also possible to transfer the lectures to their hearing aids.

The presentations

A very extensive series of lectures was offered and in all cases covered all interests. The most beautiful thing about the WordCamp is that the presenters do not retreat into a VIP area but go down the stage after the lecture and, like everyone else, take part in other lectures and spend their time among the other participants.

The speakers

The most interesting thing about this event are the speakers. Apart from the fact that the lead developer of WordPress (Matthew Mullenweg) was present in person and gave a speech, I also liked the lectures of Kevin Stover (maker of NinjaForms), Fernando Tellado ( AyudaWP and SiteGround) and Aleyda Solís (SEO) ,

I learned so much and had the pleasure to talk to some of them in more detail about detailed things after the talks.

WordCamp EU 2020

The next WordCamp event will take place in Porto (Portugal). I will enclose the video, which was shown in the closing speech:

I once googled the place and found out that the dome is shown there and mentioned by the organizer of WordCamp EU 2020, is Jardins do Palácio de Cristal.

Finally, there is a short interview with the organizer, where he tries to express his luck and the honor to organize the WordCamp EU 2020:


Visiting a WordCamp Main Event was a new, fascinating and educational experience for me. What made me think that way is of course the crowd. The people are incredibly friendly, helpful and open-minded. I would recommend visiting a WordCamp to any WordPress programmer.

Lastly, I’d like to share a reaction video of the crowd when they learn that the next WordCamp will take place in Portugal:


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