Where should I advertise? Facebook or Google / Youtube?

An attempt by an user to explain you how you should make the selection.

  1. The difference
    1. Facebook Ads
      1. Google Ads
    2. Conclusion

I’ve been using Facebook Ads to spread my blog posts for quite some time and have actually achieved good numbers there. Then I took some time and compared Facebook Ads with Google Ads.

The difference

If you look at both advertising platforms, both have advantages for the type of promotion for which you want to advertise online. You just have to use it more specifically.

Facebook Ads

Everyone of Facebook knows how to look at the posts. There is a time tunnel through which you can scroll through / scroll. It will continue to scroll on anything that does not attract at least half of our attention.

If you have a picture and lyrics has meanwhile left far behind. This means that you can not go far with pictures and texts here and as long as no interaction (eg panorama function) is required, the conversion rate will always remain very low.

But if, for example, you have a convincing video of your product, which really has the potential to become a viral, you could advertise it, for example. Otherwise, it will just remain a video that has appeared in the time tunnel. We’ll remember even less than most of what we saw on Facebook last time. Not at all.

Exactly the same principle applies to all other types of content you share.

If you have a video, survey, or game, it’s definitely the right choice because you can present it to a lot of people and have the opportunity to show it to them whether they like it or not. The advantage is that the contents are displayed immediately. Videos are played instantly and surveys require just one click.

Google Ads

Google Ads offers a much more complex and much more sophisticated interface. You have the opportunity to work very purposefully.

To explain it to you more … Google has more than 1 trillion (1000 billion) searches per month. You can still limit your audience to 10,000 people by addressing certain topics and keywords.

In reverse, that means that I can say exactly: Target anyone who explicitly searches for Netherlands beach apartments . Therefore, you know exactly what your targeted people are looking for and can achieve conversion rates of over 10% through a real ad placement. My personal record is 13% CTR for a week. This means that everyone less than tenth clicked on my placement.

Of course, this has to do with the fact that a blog requires a completely different kind of advertising than offered by Facebook. You have to name your target group exactly and then know exactly that the person is currently looking for to show him exactly this “thing” (your post/product).

I’ve just looked in my Google Ads account and the top 3 ads for the last 7 days with a $ 1 daily budget are:


As you can see, it depends entirely on what you want to advertise. If you have expressive pictures and videos you should definitely use Facebook. Since this content can be commented, shared and integrated with. But if you’re not looking for impressions, but targeted buyers, you should use Google and Youtube.

I personally think that for a blog, Google Ads offers the best advertising platform.


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