What racism, terrorism and sex have in common

Because meanwhile it represents our everyday life ....

  1. Racism
  2. Terrorism
  3. Sex
  4. Fazit

I’ve been thinking a bit on how to manipulate people the best. This idea came about because it can not be true that people are so blinded and obedient as most citizens of all countries in the world.

Then I came to the conclusion that people are permanently confronted with three things. These three things are

  • racism
  • terrorism
  • sex


Racism gets people very easily under control. When I write about racism, everyone immediately thinks of the Nazis or the treatment of black people in America. With racism, however, I mean any kind of separation between the human groups.

I myself often witness subliminal racist statements, which are now regarded as normal in Germany.

Likewise, the leaders of the countries and / or the media is very racist. On the other hand, nothing is done and in the end, people wonder why the hatred among people is so widespread.


By spreading fear and terror, you can earn the trust of the people and let everyone believe what you want.

If you have spread enough fear and made the people believe that they can only trust you, they will give up all their freedom and put their whole destiny in your hands.

That’s exactly what I see in my current life. The state is supposed to be for my safety:

  • Listen to my phone calls
  • Read my WhatsApp messages
  • Go through my browsing history
  • Get access to all my finances

But he is not even able to stop Anis Amri whilst he knew what this guy planned to do. That’s ridiculous.


If you are ready to divide the control of life through this principles and fear, distract the people and give them no time to deal with important issues.

To get the full control you divert the people with sex or create stimuli that make people look sexy. This means, for example, the whole Instagram delusion and the hunt for more money.

People are so busy with earning money or running after the other sex that they do not have time to deal with the important things in life.


Now that I have explained all the points in more detail, I would like to go back to the point: what do these points have in common?

All these points are aiming at the self-preservation instinct of the human. The self-preservation is an instinct existing in us, which we instinctively carry with us. No matter if we want it or not. Our race, our thinking can not go down.

That’s why I think that these are the main ingredients with which you can best control people and because I see this control everyday in my everyday life, I wanted to share my opinion with you.


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