What makes a good programmer

In this post, I explain what makes a good programmer different from a bad one.

  1. Understand
  2. Comprehensibility
  3. Redundancy free
  4. Self-assurance
  5. Reusability
  6. Self-assessment

Anyone who has learned a bit of css and HTML can claim to be a good programmer, but the reality is quite different. Anyone who is able to copy code from stackoverflow.com and paste into his doodle can simply tickle any code down. In this post I will write about what distinguishes a good programmer from script kiddies.


A good programmer understands what he reads and writes. He does not simply copy other programs or program sections but knows exactly what is going on in his code. If he does not understand something, he reads the function through carefully and worries about it. Whether it’s even worth using it in his program.


The common language is the programming language. A programmer expresses himself understandably. This means that the offspring can read his code without any problems and continue to work with it. If the next programmer who sits at his code, he has to look at all functions, it means that the programmer has built crap before!

Redundancy free

Everything has to be packed into functions. Only then does programming make fun! If you write the first few lines of a program section, you should already think about whether you should rather put into its own function. If the same happens for the second time and you still do not put it into a function, you are stupid. If you write the identical code three times, you should look for another job or take more time to rethink your project!


A good programmer always has his code in view and is sure it works. This means that he never gets tangled in his code but always has a clear view. He programs his functions without errors. So there’s no um’s or a ‘It worked last time’.


The codes should be reusable as much as possible. Neither the customer nor the service provider have anything of this, if the same must be reinvented and programmed over and over again. It’s not fun, that would be expensive and mould not make sense.


Many programmers keep making the same mistake over and over again, thinking that they can do things quickly, even though they do not even know how to get started. This is a big mistake and any good programmer should be able to know his limits at the end of the day, no matter how well he programs. No one can write all programming languages and no one masters them perfectly!

Good night and see you tomorrow!


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