Website update

A short summary of the updates on my website

  1. The navigation
    1. Tools
    2. Blog
  2. Conclusion

As I wrote two days ago, I’m preparing to add value to my blog. In the course of this I revised my navigation and programmed some new functions.

In the following I will go into the functions and explain to you what I made.

The navigation

I now have a two-stage navigation, which allows a classification of the blog. It is currently divided between tools and blog.


If you click on tools, you will see that I am providing generators there for other programmers as promised. In the future, other tools such as image generators will be created, so you can provide your pictures with sayings.


I have programmed this menu item so that the last contributions are automatically displayed. I have also listed the most used keywords and built a link to the blog archive.


I think that these extensions will give you a better overview of the blog and that it will help visitors get along better.

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