Website Performance Analysis 16.03.2019

My experiences after two months blogging

  1. The graphic
    1. 1. Setting Blog up and post first posts
    2. 2. Structured Data and Basic SEO
    3. 3. Search Console monitoring
    4. 4. Social media integration
    5. 5. Automatic translations
  2. Conclusion
    1. What's next?

One in advance. I wanted to share this post yesterday, but this attack in New Zealand intervened and I then decided to write something about it. That’s why I postponed this post to today and present it to you now.

When I started this blog, my goal was to share with everyone what I’ve learned. Including the visitor numbers on the blog, impressions, advertisements, costs, intentions and so on.

The last few days something has changed and I think I should share all this with you. I had my first peak two days ago and wanted to share the graphics with you. When talking about a peak, one speaks of the highest point within a range of statistics. Below you can see a graphic showing the number of visitors until 3 days ago.

I would break this graphic in 5 parts. I’ll explain in this post what I have done and how it has come to such an effect.

The graphic

1. Setting Blog up and post first posts

At the beginning, I simply set up my blog and started to contribute to the styles. Bug fixes and code adjustments were made. That’s why I had no visitors at that time. Not even Google knew about my website.

2. Structured Data and Basic SEO

At some point i’ve asked myself what important is for the search engines and for the social media platforms. That’s how I got to structured data and implemented it on my site. I’ve also looked up, which html tags I need and built in everything important.

3. Search Console monitoring

I’ve added my website in the Google search console and followed the development. I have also received emails from Google describing how I can improve my website. I came to this information and fixed the issues.

4. Social media integration

At that time, I wrote a bot to automatically share my posts on Facebook and Twitter. I quickly reached a lot of people on Twitter, but it seems to me that it will take some time on Facebook.

5. Automatic translations

Now we come to the point. So far, my blog was only available in German. The German community has not been big enough for my goal what I would like to achieve with this blog and therefore an automated translation had to be programmed. This has also made itself felt directly on the first day as you can see in the graph.


Although there is still a lot to be done on this blog, I believe that I am already on the right track. The development is amazingly fast and I still have great plans. I’m curious what the traffic will look like if I also implemented the YouTube, 500px and several other apis.

What’s next?

I’ve put some ads on Facebook and Google Adwords today. These will expire at 23:55 on Sunday and during the next week, i will write you all details about my learnings. This includes all statistics and the total amount i’ve spent. Until now, the numbers have really surprised me and I’m curious what the next few days will come.


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