Walk along the fields at Tripoint

Today we had very bad weather and that’s why we did not want to go that far to our hiking route. That’s why we decided to choose a route nearby. I also found one in Komoot, but there was no parking along that route. Driving in the Eifel would have made no sense, because we would have to go for an hour and drive back in heavy rain.

We have decided for the tripoint in our region. Even if it is in our region, we had to drive about 20 minutes.

Once there, it was very stormy. Nevertheless, we went to the forest. It was so stormy that we heard the trees shaking back and forth. The whole length of the forest has heard the squeaking and sometimes cracking of the trees. If you looked up, you could see how much the treetops were wobbling to and fro from the wind. Because of these extreme winds, we decided to go along the edge of the forest, so that we could avoid it more easily in the event of a fall.

At the bottom we had to decide if we should go over the former cow meadow or go directly left. Because the weather was so restless, we shortened the route and went directly left along.

The track was quite nice but in hindsight I would have wished that we had gone from the other side. There you had the better view. I once made a panorama and some photos from our side of the route ..

We came out to the left of the above picture and went right. At the end of this route we had to cross a bridge, where according to my girlfriend only freight trains pass through.

Before we could see a train pass it started to rain and we had to take the shortest way back. For this we went a little through a village and then the direct way back to the car.

That was a nice hike, but I like the Eifel more, because you have a more relaxed feeling there when you walk through the woods and the atmosphere is also much more pleasant. The tripoint region has many other routes that I would like to see. Maybe it will somehow convince me.


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