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I mentioned a few days ago that I will read a book because it was mentioned by Ken Jebsen. With this post I would like to focus more on Ken Jebsen and his platform KenFM, which he has built up over many years.

Ken Jebsen

I do not know Ken Jebsen personally and I never drove to the Meetups / Protests where he made a speech. I’m following his content more from the far (YouTube) and have also subscribed to his YouTube channel.

Ken the Iranian

There has been a huge wave in the media for a while that Ken Jebsen is an Iranian and some have even speculated that he may not be the propaganda machine of the Iranian alliance (Iran / Russia / China / …). This has proven to me, how far the research of the “top journalists” is going today, who also make it on television. After a few seconds, I had already found an interview from Ken, where he explains that he was born in flight over Iran and there it is regulated so, that if you were born in this country, you also automatically get the citizenship … Was I better at researching than “top journalists”? …


I was born and raised in Germany, work in a company where over 90% of the employees are German and I have a German wife so I have a lot to do with German families.

What struck me is that German society is satisfied with how things are going on in the world as long as they are fed up. The goal of most Germans is just to survive until retirement, so they can relax after a while. And I would even say that the number of Germans who are ready to fight for a better world and experience discomfort because of it goes to zero.

Ken has just found his passion in this area (improving the world / educate people) and just trying to educate people with facts … I believe he pursues the following principle, whether knowing or not:

But when it comes to a human, you should not listen to me, Wikipedia, or any other authority persons. You have to make an impression yourself and listen to the person yourself and only then can you be 100% convinced that you like this person or not:

My first contact

I was on YouTube once and it happened that i watch a video and run it in the background …

That was the first video I ever heard of Ken Jebsen. As I said, it ran in the background and the longer it went, the more stuff I heard, which was exactly what I thought but could not put into words.

At Ken, I liked the punchlines, which he build in his lyrics and still works with them. At that time I started with “KenFM over” and then listened to all the ones I found on the net. I liked that so much that I recommended this style of dissemination even to the Muslim community. It did not catch on and until the community realized the potential of this style, the Salafist scene was already on the rise …


KenFM is as far as I understand the official company, so that Ken can fulfill his goals … You can read on their homepage what the company exactly is:

My favorites

KenFM offers several different formats such as

  • Me myself and Media
  • KenFM on
  • KenFM in conversation
  • daily dosis
  • Think

My favorites are the programs Me myself and Media and KenFM in conversation. The other programs do not interest me that way, but sometimes I let them pay at work in the background.

Another example, where I had KenFM talking on background was my Italy tour by car (driven more than 3000km). That was perfect, because I heard someone speak all the time and learned something each time.


Crowdfunding is the way of financing a thing, where the community is giving what they can. This so-called thing can be anything. Patreon is an example of crowdfunding, twitch too, or

Some have a lot of money and can contribute more while others have less. For example, I thought that I would normally have paid 10€ for a Spotify subscription during my tour in Italy and therefore donated the money to KenFM. Why not?

The contacts/partners

This is actually my favorite part of KenFM. There are no wannabe Islam experts or economists presented to the spectators. If you see or hear them you think “This guy / woman knows what he / she is talking about!”. For example, I learned a lot from Daniele Ganser or Ernst Wolff . The guest who shocked me most with his facts, theses and findings was Manfred Spitzer :


I think that KenFM is doing honest work and that the mainstream media could not find anything, which in my eyes could harm his image. The only thing you could read were lies and reproaches.

I myself disagree with many things but still aggree with more things anyway. You do not have to accept everything that the person says, but it is enough if you look in the same direction.

The same direction is in this case the uncensored enlightenment of the people and the attempt for tomorrow to create a better world.


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