Venting the car like a heater

To this day, i did not know that you can vent the cooling circuit of your car by hand ...

  1. What had happened?
  2. What needs to be done?

I have been on the road as usual. Suddenly I noticed that the water temperature is rising very fast and stopped quickly. I got out and opened the hood. Everything seemed to be normal. So i drove directly to the workshop. The mechanic has looked at it once and said I should leave the car because it has to cool down.

What had happened?

The last time I brought my car to the workshop, all the cooling water had to be refilled and this caused a break in the cooling circuit. I try to represent this graphically:

This picture should represent the empty cooling circuit
Here you can see how the water is filled in and where the air generates a back pressure. The gray area is supposed to represent the air.

What needs to be done?

The air must be let out through a valve so that the water can continue to flow and the end result looks like this:

The valve is located in the engine compartment and looks like this:

The mechanic carefully turned this valve on with the appropriate nut and air came out. He left it open until water came out and then he closed it. This procedure has reminded me of the venting of radiators and that’s why I called my post like that.


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