Ursula Nuber – Depression

A book which surprised me positively and taught me a lot.

  1. Ursula Nuber
  2. The book
  3. Conclusion

After the book Notes for Invitees by Fethi Yeken, I started with the book Depression by Ursula Nuber. I chose this topic because I noticed that almost everyone is unhappy.

You walk through the streets and you see that most of the people can not smiling and everyone is fixated on presenting their best. Negatives are trying to be hidden and everyone tries to deal with his problems on his own.

I had previously thought about it and wanted to read the views of a person from the subject.

Ursula Nuber

Of course, before I read a book about such critical topics, I look at the author. Ms. Nuber is a certified psychologist and has many years of professional experience. You can find more about her on your personal website . There is also the address for her practice:

The book

I loved the book in every way. I could understand almost everything in the book. So it’s not written in psychology language.

What I also noticed is the neutral position of Mrs. Nuber. She was not offensive to any nation or religion. Already this fact has confirmed the profession for me.

Ms Nuber has in her book all your findings with statistics, quotations and references underlined. This mainly statistical data which were mentioned, brought me not only once astonished.

There are also excerpts from patients who try to explain their feelings from their perspective. This is very helpful and there are incredibly interesting stories and you can ask yourself, which feelings you can understand yourself.


The book has made it into my recommendation list and the writer has convinced me of her professionalism. I’ve learned a lot from this book and would recommend anyone to read it as well. Even if not for yourself then for your friends and acquaintances.


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