Update of the post page

I've made some structural changes to the posts pages ...

  1. New position for the topics
  2. Share buttons
  3. Conclusion

I’ve made a fundamental change to my post page. Until today the topics and the most recently published posts have been displayed on the right, but this type of ad was not so nice in my opinion.

The current version

New position for the topics

The topics covered in a post will be displayed in the footer from now on. If you want to learn more articles about a certain topic click on it and you get to an overview page, where all posts are displayed on the same topic.

Share buttons

I’ve also added sharing buttons from where visitors can share a post if they like it.

Currently it can be shared via Facebook, Twitter and Email. Later, I’m thinking on adding WhatsApp.


I’ve made these changes live right now so I can see how it works. It may be that I will make further changes in the next few days.


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