Unconditional Obedience – Mutlak Itaat

What I think about unconditional obedience.

  1. What is Mutlak Itaat?
  2. What does this mean for us?
    1. For the executives
    2. For the subordinates
  3. How do I get to this topic?
    1. Freedom of opinion
  4. Conclusion

Today I want to write about a topic, which has been in my heart for a long time and I did not know exactly how I can bring this on “paper”. It’s about unconditionally obeying a thing, a system, or a human being. In Islam it is called Mutlak Itaat.

What is Mutlak Itaat?

Mutlak Itaat means to execute or agree with all orders of the parent without asking.

In Islam, for example, Mutlak Itaat is only to God. All other commands and decisions can be questioned.

This can be seen, for example, in Islamic history when one reads through the events before the Battle of Badr. There, the prophet gives the order to build a base in one place and a friend of the prophet asks: Did God command you or was that a decision of your intention? The Prophet says it was his decision and the friend suggests a better strategy for him.

From this story, Muslims know that even decisions in critical situations can and can be questioned, and that leaders must listen to all ideas.

What does this mean for us?

At the present time, we see that people are trimmed to accept all decisions from above, and all who have a different opinion are ostracized.

For the executives

I start with the leaders, because they also passively contribute to a lot of people being unhappy because of the pressure that builds up caused of this problem.

This picture can not be seen only in politics, in the world of workers or in family politics, but also in schools, universities and educational institutions. This automatically leads to a rapid downward spiral and the leaders do not prevent it despite they see the development clearly .

For the subordinates

These can be intimidated very quickly and cornered, just because they are afraid to be outlawed. But this is not “humanity”. If you look at the story you will quickly realize that in many cases people in the absolute minority have been right with their theories, ideas and moral concepts.

Unfortunately, the number of people getting up to make others aware of certain things is rapidly falling, and that’s why morality in the world is declining accordingly.

In my opinion, these people lack self-esteem because they have been taught all their lives to accept managerial decisions, no matter what the consequences for them or other people are.

How do I get to this topic?

This has actually been something that has been bothering me for a long time and today I took the time to write about it in a post. It oppresses me every day when I see where the world is going and the people are stupidly accepting this development, even though almost everyone is aware that metaphorically speaking, we are falling down the cliff.

Freedom of opinion

Then, of course, freedom of expression is used every time as an argument. The freedom of opinion exists only if one supports with his opinion the current system. Otherwise, the freedom of expression is not existent. That’s why more and more people are retreating and are simply drifting away from the system.


As an atheist, I do not think you have a problem with this kind development and ignorance, because you believe anyway that nothing will come after death.

However, I wonder how the whole “believers”, who believe in being held accountable for life, can live with this irresponsibility.

The bitter thing is that maybe those who have read this text will get up from their desk and will only think about it until they leave this website. After that, most of them voluntarily jump back into the vicious cycle of ignorance.


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