Trust in democracy in a dive

Any system that falls into wrong hands will sooner or later break.

  1. The variety
  2. Current pictures
  3. The problem
    1. An example
  4. The two basic problems of postdemocracy
    1. The pseudo donations
    2. The election promises
  5. Conclusion

People’s trust in democracy worldwide is falling more and more from year to year. This is characterized by the fact that the elections are always ridiculous and the strangest ones are elected. It somehow seems as if the variety also belongs to democracy.

The variety

It has always been the case in democracy that good executives have been assigned to the people, and in the course of time, sometimes longer sometimes shorter, these elected people are increasingly bad and right-wing executives. At some point a maximum on the right is been reached and then it will all start again from left wing.

Alternatively, the people who are currently in power have moved more and more to the right track.

Current pictures

As a prime example, we can take America, where people have chosen a joke as president, to express that they no longer trust this system.

Exactly the same template is also shown in Germany (AFD) and in Turkey (HDP) and many other countries worldwide.

The problem

The problem is capitalism. Capitalism has moved our world to the point where certain elite forces, such as Goldman Sachs, send out certain parties, which then assert their global economic interests. If you do not know what I am talking about, you can watch the following documentary:

An example

Anyone who watch this documentary and compare the the informations I’ve written above will not be surprised to see that Alice Weidel, who heads the AFD party, is from Goldman Sachs.

The AFD was founded and has worked very hard. When they reached a certain checkpoint, key positions were exchanged by Goldman Sachs employees. This is completely normal in these days.

The two basic problems of postdemocracy

The pseudo donations

I specifically call the donations pseudo donations because they involve dependency. Today’s parties that are presented to people can be counted in one hand. For the success of these parties, they have to thank to the donators who spend millions. This allows them to buy articles, blogposts, influencers and even journalists.

This brings inequality and endangers democracy.

The election promises

There is no clause that politicians must adhere to their election promises. This means that they can promise what they want cold blooded and will not even stick to it.

That is why it is never advertised, what the electoral promises were kept. For the voters, it is equal whom they elect, because the promise is not kept anyway.

That still pushes a wedge between the voters and the elected and is an immense threat to democracy.


At the end of the day, the elections are always a show and disappoint voters every time. The dwindling of trust in a product can always be remembered by how much advertising this product is made for.

Currently, all channels are advertising for democracy. I’ve seen ads on YouTube, Facebook, TVnow and even Game of Thrones.

As long as capitalism is an integral part of democracy, it will fail miserably and it will not bypass that path. The only question is what will come next …


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