The summer vacation is booked

I will finally see my home again and show my wife.

  1. Roadmap
    1. Antalya / Denizli
    2. Cappadocia / Nevşehir
  2. Conclusion

I have been invited to two weddings in Turkey this summer and have laid out my summer vacation accordingly. The flights are booked, the planning is ready and the vacation application is submitted.


The two weddings will not take place in one place but are more than 600km apart. That’s why I have to look how I get around.

Antalya / Denizli

The first wedding will take place in Denizli. Since I am a fan of direct flights, I fly directly to Antalya. There I will stay one night and spend some time at the beach. The next day I will travel to Denizli.

In this part, I’m looking forward to join the wedding and to see the sights around Antalya and Denizli. Currently I will see some waterfalls and Pamukkale.

Cappadocia / Nevşehir

The second wedding will take place in my hometown. I do not know if I should fly over or drive … The decision is difficult because:

Pro: Goes fast
Con: Change

Rental car
Pro: Flexible
Con: Long drive

Pro: Cheap
Con: Only low-cost (ugly) companies

It will be exciting that my wife gets to know my family in Turkey. I will also show her some hiking routes and some nice places.


My wife is just as excited as I am and we are really curious what will happen in Turkey. This will be the first time for my wife to see Turkey outside of Istanbul.


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