The most annoying arguments

  1. 1. Can you hack?
  2. 2. I have an idea ...
  3. 3. What are you doing?
  4. Conclusion

When you say you’re a programmer, people think really different. I don’t know what’s going on in their heads, but one thing is certain. The questions usually remain the same if the other person does not do anything for living on the computer.

1. Can you hack?

Just because we write codes many people think that we should be able to hack. The most absurd question is then whether one could hack Facebook or similar providers. No we can not! I think the question comes up because hacking on TV is always shown as very easy …

2. I have an idea …

What’s also typical is that some people mutate into creative inventors and present their idea to you. As a programmer, however, you realize that the concepts are not thought through at all and do not even go into these ideas. If you ask these people then, what they are willing to pay for the implementation of the idea, you end up at point 3 …

3. What are you doing?

You just sit around and type a little on your keyboard. Many people don’t understand that a programmer is paid, same as a construction worker, a car mechanic or an accountant. Especially when it comes to the time estimate for a project, some people can not understand why a project can last so long and in the end such a sum comes out.

These are mostly these types of people who want to pay a minimum and still have everything. If this simple typing really would be so easy, the question arises, why then they talk to a programmer and doesn’t make their project themselves?


You should know that programmers are just normal workers like all other people. The fact that someone programs websites and hacks companies in his free time happens only in films and series. It is just as normal that we demand our hourly fee. This can vary greatly between 10 euros per hour and 100 euros per hour. Mostly, experienced programmers demand higher fees. You have to ask yourself if your project is worth something …


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