The leaks of democracy

What I think the government needs to do to regain the trust of the new generation.

  1. Equal rights
  2. More referendums
  3. Liabilities
  4. Compassion
  5. Compulsory military service
  6. Access to the press
  7. Free talk
  8. Peace
  9. Conclusion

I was born in Germany and I grew up here too. So I’ve been living in a modern democratic society for almost 30 years. You always get to know what kind of ideas people have about democracy and you also hear that they are totally dissatisfied with the system.

Of course, people are thinking about what would help people if they insist on a secular system and a democracy. Here are my thoughts on what improvements can be made to this secular system.

Equal rights

It should be prohibited that a party receives donations from an outside person or from an outside company. Every party should have the same right, so that people also have the feeling that they can participate.

More referendums

Few people are fed up that certain party programs are presented on the serving plate and in the end these people just go through their own thing. If you promise the people democracy, they should also get democracy. All decisions that bring a great deal of responsibility should be resolved with a referendum. The people should be asked whether Germany meddling in wars or not, since it is paid in the end by the state treasury.


At the end of each term of office, a poll should be made to eligible voters. The people should be asked if they feel that the elected party has made an effort to enforce the promises. If more than half respond with no, the party should be suspended for at least 5 years.


Every politician should be put into the situation for every decision made. This means that all politicians who have opted for Hartz IV have to live at least one year in the circumstances. After this trial year they should be asked again if they want this decision.

Compulsory military service

Only the politicians who have served in the army should have the authority to lead. If they have children they should have served too. As a result, they know the fear of death and do not arbitrarily send other people’s children to war.

Access to the press

A website should be programmed, where everyone and I mean all the press agencies can sign up. A random agency is drawn weekly and this agency is offered the opportunity to ask anything he wants to the leader. It should neither intervened nor cut.

Free talk

There should be a teleprompter ban. Every politician must be able to speak freely and may take notes on a piece of paper. These notes must not have been written by others but must be written exclusively by the politician himself.


Every politician and every party should be forbidden to express themselves negatively about their opponent. Finally, one should only talk about his plans and achievements. As soon as a negative attitude towards the enemy party is noticed, there should be a painful punishment. It must be comparatively just as painful as the penalty for a normal citizen who was with 100 km / h too fast speeding.


I mean, it’s no secret that democracy does not work in just the countries that were once the trailblazers.

There are countries in the media like Turkey, but I also have to say honestly that I saw pictures of the yellow vests in France and what the French government did to them. Something you do not see in normal television but must search the Internet.

I believe that the new generation has understood that the parties and the Members do not represent the interests of the people anyway. That’s why they do not vote and despite advertising on all channels, the trust can not be won. Likewise, I attribute the success of the parties like the AFD to the misunderstanding of the new generation over democracy.


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