The independence mania

I believe that a whole nation faces a problem

  1. The reason
    1. The children
    2. Women
    3. Social living together
  2. The solution
  3. Why does nobody recognize it?
  4. Conclusion

Before I start with this post, I want to make clear that I write down my own opinion here and do not want to attack anyone. If you disagree you can contact me and we can write.

People are becoming more and more disconnected and less and less eager to interact.

Friends and family increasingly degenerate to people with whom you only have fun and on bad days you are on your own.

The reason

A consciousness develops in the new generation, as if one were not dependent on anyone. This awareness a selfish behavior and as a result, friends and families are living more and more apart.

The children

The children are only bound to the parents until they are 18 years old. After that, they think that they know everything better than the parents.

Of course, it may be that the children have evolved in certain ways than the parents, however, this should not cause the children to disregard the life experience of the parents and go their own way.

As a result, more and more children are disappointed in life, have no backbone and more than 60 percent of them fall into depression.


The women are told that they can always part with their partners and have a new partner. This destroys the value of family thinking and destroys many families.

Of course, women who are ill-treated by their husband should find a way out, but that should not be the reason for clearing the path of divorce with every little thing.

As soon as it comes to small crises in the family, nowadays a wife immediately pulls the emergency brake and leaves her husband. This is supported by the state and her family in the name of freedom, resulting in more than 60 percent of divorces.

Social living together

People no longer support each other and everyone lives on their own. Everyone is trying to enforce their own rights.

Of course one should enforce his rights in injustice and get support from the state for it.

However, it should not end in a woman being raped in a crowded subway car and passengers just watching in horror rather than helping.

The solution

Society needs to be trained to ensure that everyone can need anyone at anytime, and you’re never on your own.

The media must be given some guidelines to stick to, so as not to give humans trigger problematic psychology. For that the state has to intervene. Currently, no restriction is active in this regard.

Why does nobody recognize it?

This problem is recognized by many and also addressed, however, the persons who recognize these problems themselves have been the same and are therefore not taken seriously.

Their voices are not heard because they have become too weak to be heard.

The younger generation is far too distracted by trivial things like money, career and party-making and can not concentrate on such problems at all.


The simple think that you can just rent an apartment if you need a roof over your head, that you can get a loan if you have money problems, that you can just take as many partners as you want and so on is deadly for a nation.

Through such thinking, old generations have already separated more and more from each other, until it came to a decay.

All people must realize early enough that they have certain obligations and follow them. If they do not, they will regret it at the latest when they are dying and realize that all around their bed are just hoping for a greater legacy!

An even worse scenario is when they are dying alone!


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