The downward spiral of the western world

Why I think we are in a time of change ...

  1. Ahlak
  2. Ahlak in history
  3. Ahlak in this day and age
    1. The impact of the Ahlak
  4. Conclusion

I have just made a round with my wife through Aachen and it was easy to see that the Hotpant season 2019 is opened. That and many other things have made me think about how ahlak is about Western and Western-influenced countries.


Ahlak is an Islamic term that includes everything related to ethics. Ahlak can be the behavior of a child but also how the father behaves. Under Ahlak also falls eg how to dress, behaving on the job, talking, sitting and so on.

Ahlak in history

If we look at the history books, we immediately realize that all ideologies and governments have perished, because over time they have lost their ahlak.

The Ottoman Empire, for example, has gone under because they have become so haughty and wasteful. To be reputed and not to waste is also Ahlak.

I have looked at some texts about the last days of the Romans and it was written that homosexuality and the open practice of sexual intercourse had been very widespread and after that, their crash has come.

Also in Arabia before the Islamic period it had been so that the Ahlak of humans had reached a low point. People prayed completely naked and there were a lot of other things that i can not mention here.

Ahlak in this day and age

When I look at the countries in this day and age, I see that from time to time people’s Ahlak is sinking ever deeper. Meanwhile, we have reached a point where, for example, from the sexual point of view, anyone can sleep with anyone and nobody has anything to say.

There are mobile apps such as lovoo or tinder, where people can tell by simply swiping whether they would sleep with the person or not. Such apps are now considered normal and people can laugh about it.

Everywhere under the guise of “cosmopolitan” half-naked women are publicly shown and no longer paid attention to the children in the area. We have huge street posters hanging in my town and surrounding area that advertise a brothel. What do you think what pictures these posters include? Suitable for children? Hardly likely!

The impact of the Ahlak

People become depressed. Even incredibly depressed. Suicides are now reaching record highs, and if you stopped producing antidepressants worldwide, there would be a huge problem around the world.

I do not need to explain that more than 99 percent of people are unhappy and have to deal with psychological problems. Anyone who goes around the world with open eyes will notice it very quickly.

This mass depression is simply kept small and skilfully ignored. Until now it has always been the case in history that this dissatisfaction spiral has gone to a point and that the people have not endured it at some point. Either it came to a revolution or the people looked for a new “leader”. This is like a sine wave and I think the run will not change.

The only problem is that the leader who is been chosen has mostly racist traits and we can watch the dissatisfaction by seeing how much people cling to Trump, Erdoğan, Sissi or Assad …


I want everyone to continue doing so if he feels happy with it but then at the end of the party or at the end of his life he should not complain about his life. I’ve been thinking a lot about what you could do to stop the downhill spiral of Ahlak, but I have not come to any conclusion.

Most people pretend that they are happy and enjoy life, never having experienced what enjoyment (inner peace) is …


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