The biggest disadvantage of automation

A cheap solution is not always the best solution!

  1. The human factor
    1. An example
  2. The advantages
  3. Conclusion / solution

We live in a world where almost everything in a business is handled automatically. The customer enters his data online by himself, this data is automatically transferred into the System and in some companies, the order is already sent automatically.

However, this automation brings with it a disadvantage. The human factor is missing.

The human factor

Because everything is done automatically by robots, the quality of being a regular customer always disappears.

For example, I have my favorite place to eat or drink, and the owner of the shop looks at me with completely different eyes because I am a regular customer.

A computer, however, does not differentiate between a regular or a passing clientele like a human. He knows only binary criteria. That means either yes or no.

An example

I have been automatically with the health insurance AOK since my birth. During my apprenticeship I had to pay my cash contributions from my student loan and for a month I was short of cash. My health insurance contribution could not be withdrawn.

Within a month, the AOK managed to get my account seized and after that I did not have access to the remaining 50€, which meant my fuel money for the rest of the month.

This went through an automated system and was not in control by the AOK.

Years later I have seen that a health insurance offers their service much cheaper and of course I have canceled my AOK membership.

Of course, the AOK immediately called me and asked me to withdraw my cancelation. I asked why? And the seller on the phone actually said that I would be preferred as a regular customer. I told him about the incident during my training and said that I am indifferent to the AOK and therefore the AOK is the same for me.

The advantages

For example, if I buy a car, I could go directly to the road traffic office and make an insurance contract there quickly in the waiting room. It is also possible to complete all types of purchase and contracts online without having to do with personnel or the shop’s opening time.

Of course, this system brings benefits and ensures that employees can fully focus on the essentials. It does not have to be handled unnecessarily with paperwork and everything goes by itself.

It should not be forgotten that this saves a lot of staff costs.

But you should still remember that the customer gives importance to the fact that it is seen by the service provider that he is a regular customer. Otherwise, the service provider has no value for him.

Conclusion / solution

Everything should be automated, but you should always put a person in between. It is quite another thing if you get a reminder or if you get a call from the customer service, who asks you what went wrong there and in the best case also takes account of the problem.

A very good example is Amazon. They have set out to become number one in customer service and are well on their way to becoming one. In case of problems you will be contacted by the Amazon Team and can also contact them at any time via their chat system with a consultant.

I believe that this has also led to the success of Amazon and as long as the competition does not introduce this solution, Amazon will always stay first.


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