The admonition | tebliğ

Admonishing people is nice and good, but everything has its rules

  1. What is Tebliğ?
  2. Tebliğ with yourself
    1. How do you make Tebliğ with yourself?
  3. Tebliğ to others
    1. The importance of trust
    2. Knowledge (Ilm)
  4. Conclusion

Today we had the topic Tebliğ in the mosque. I chose this topic because I am currently reading a book about it and have learned many things from this book.

What is Tebliğ?

Tebliğ means if you translate it in German The admonition or the proclamation. If you ask most Muslims what Tebliğ is supposed to mean, almost everyone will tell you that it means explaining to non-Muslims Islam and / or debating about religion.

Tebliğ with yourself

But in reality, there is no time today to make Tebliğ outward. The first rule of Tebliğ is that you have to make Tebliğ to yourself. This means that the person must educate himself and let go all his sins. Only when the person has educated himself very close to perfection, that person should make Tebliğ outward.

How do you make Tebliğ with yourself?

From the Islamic point of view, it is the case that one has to educate oneself. This education is only successful when, in everything you do, you act as if you feel the presence of God.

This then leads you to do no injustice and to question yourself. You always ask yourself what you could have done better.

Tebliğ to others

Here we come directly to the second big misunderstanding. Everyone thinks that Tebliğ means to the outside, that they debate with people and or distribute brochures and books.

The importance of trust

Today Tebliğ is made everywhere. Comments are posted on YouTube, Facebook and other platforms, videos are made and books are written.

In truth, debating is the last stop in terms of proclamation and exhortation. Every Muslim directs his life based on the life of the Prophet. He tries to make his life as good as possible after that of the Prophet Muhammad (sav).

It should be noted that the Prophet, before becoming a prophet, had made a name for himself as the most trustworthy person in Mecca. He was called Al Amin. Have we ever made such a name? Are we recognized as so trustworthy that we dare to talk to other people about such sensitive issues as religion?

Knowledge (Ilm)

No one is allowed to speak about Islam unless that person has studied the 12 sciences of Islam. A person who has not studied these studies may not write a comment, write a book, record a video, or appear in any television station.

Whether someone adheres to this regulation or not is up to him. This shows the people who are familiar with Islam only if this person is honest or not.


What I want to do with this blog post is to drag everyone’s attention to the fact that most Muslims who are highly regarded or pushed on any platform have not yet made the first stage of the proclamation.

For every non-Muslim, this information is important so that he knows what to look for when another Muslim tries to tell him something about Islam. Even if the Muslim convinces someone about Islam, it will cause very big problems, because then these two people will act with ignorance and missing Ahlak.

This is important for every Muslim, because he has to realize that self-education is the most important part of Islam. He should not sink into haughtiness. He must not think that he is able to talk to others about Islam just because he has read a few books.


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