Terrorist attack in New Zealand …

The opinion of a Muslim on the subject.

  1. The culprit
  2. Factors
  3. The manifesto and the weapons
    1. The manifesto
    2. The weapons
    3. What I think about that
  4. For the Muslims
    1. Blame to Themselves
    2. Empathy
  5. Exemplary behavior
    1. The victim
    2. The local resident
  6. Auxiliary channels

I actually wanted to do an analysis of the number of visitors on my website today and then post it. But unfortunately I could not without speak about this topic …

I’ve learned about this incident this afternoon at noon through a WhatsApp message from a friend, and I did not expect the magnitude. When I clicked on the news and read through it, I saw the first time that terrorist has streamed his act live on social media platforms. From there I could not think clear because I haven’t seen such a thing and did not expect something like that.

The culprit

His name is Brenton Tarrant. He grew up in an Australian working-class family and worked as a fitness trainer. His neighbors describe him as a nice boy. He does not seem to have been a troublemaker but most likely he was just under false influence.

I believe that he was definitely under false influence, because no one lives for himself and one day just wakes up and decides to kill people and to stream it online. In all cases, whether it is right-wing extremist, Muslim, Christian or Jewish violence. People have always been influenced and guided from the outside. That’s why I think that the job is not done if only Brenton arrested. You need to interrogate everyone who was his good friend.

It is also known that the offender has been on Facebook sites that share questionable content. These Facebook pages are also not touched. The whole hunt is dedicated to the culprit. But if you have him in the end and call I HAVE HIM, that will bring nothing because the culprit was only the last in the chain.


We live in a time where such racism is completely normal. It is quite normal for someone to offend the refugees. It is normal for Muslims to be killed. It is perfectly normal to systematically destroy a religion, an ethnic group, a human or anything else.

I’ll show you a picture of some covers of the best-selling magazines from Germany. These were published and because it is so normal, not one of these magazines was banned from Germany, not even banned the cover images.

That’s what affects people. And they build up hatred. Of course, this hatred will be built on both sides and eventually there will be someone who comes in the right place for all the psychopathic leaders.

The manifesto and the weapons

The manifesto

The terrorist has also published a 70-page manifesto where he asks himself questions and answers them. If you want to read these documents, you are welcome to try it, but there is mainly racist content shared. I’ll just upload it so you can read.

A terrorist researcher named Magnus Rabstorp looked at it and described it as a sloppy copy of the manifesto of the Norwegian terrorist Anders Breivik.

The weapons

The weapons the terrorist used were full of graffiti and racist texts, names of some leaders, places and mixed numbers. If you take a closer look, you understand that he wanted to leave a message to the Muslims. All these names and dates are related to religious wars.

What I think about that

If you look at it as common, you have not one connection. Also that he has said in the beginning of his video that the audience should subscribe to Pewdiepie on Youtube … I believe that this person has done everything to distract from the main event somehow.

For the Muslims

Blame to Themselves

These are going to be harsh words now, but unfortunately that has to be said. This event is again like an ear flap for the Muslims. The problem is that the whole story will be forgotten next week. Muslims are slaughtered mercilessly almost everywhere in the world and nobody cares. Don’t you think that at least as many Muslims as in New Zealand die everyday in Syria? Or how about Palestine? Today, the Israeli army has again bombed 100 places in Palestine. It does not matter if innocent people die. Anyone in the way is simply destroyed.

If Muslims around the world don’t do anything, then at the end of the day, they are those who suffer.


A few years ago, another man who was influenced by others, named Anis Amri drove in Berlin in the Christmas market with a truck and caused a mess. At that time, I could not understand like i do today. However, I have been living with my girlfriend for a year now and have seen through her family how important Christmas to the Germans is.

Only now I am able to understand what the people who have brought Anis Amri to do that have achieved. This is of course terrible and can really lead to overreaction among uneducated people.

Exemplary behavior

The victim

The Muslims in Churchtown who were shot in the mosque have shown exemplary behavior. They did not let their feelings guide themselves and they did not scream into the camera. On all interviews they were very calm and also tried to keep this peace.

The local resident

The residents have also produced exemplary behavior. Flowers were brought to the mosques and helped the people. In the following interview you can see very clearly how shaken the non-Muslim residents are about this act:

Auxiliary channels

If you want to support the victims of the terror, you can do it on the following websites. These are independent organizations and the money is given to the families:


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