Static Gutenberg blocks

I finally made it and made the final files available to you.

As promised, I will start programming with Gutenberg today. I work in an agency and have a lot of projects on my back. That’s why my goal is always delayed.

First, my “that’s me” block on the start page will be static. However, I will then make this block dynamic, which means that you can add your own picture and your own content.

While I was upset at the Gutenberg Block, the long-awaited snow finally arrived here … Even though that will affect the traffic a lot, I still love it.

After a long time back and forth, I finally finished my block. My mistake was that I looked in the WordPress documentation and registered the Javascript files and css files (register_script) but nowhere to enqueue’t. So I wrote enqueue_script directly and it worked without any problems. That’s what I have programmed:

In this project, I’ve used Grunt as a task runner, so it always uploads the last version and compiles my Sass files. You only need to run npm install and specify your ftp server. Then it would have to run without problems for you.

Here is a comparison of the home page, as it looked before and now looks like … Next, I have to develop the “last posts” block … Good night and see you tomorrow …


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