Srebrenica 1995 | A summary and an opinion

If more than twice as many people die as on September 11 but humanity is silent...

  1. What happened?
    1. The massacre
  2. Ratko Mladić
  3. Thomas Karremans
  4. The Memorial
  5. Conclusion

Today is an anniversary of an event which has come as a black day of humanity. It’s amazing that around the 11th of September is always such a sensation, but this story which is least twice as bad is ignored …

What happened?

On July 11, 1995, a massacre of several days began in the Serbian town of Srebrenica. More than 8,000 Muslims (mostly male) were murdered and the women were raped. All this took place despite the presence of blue helmets and the assurance that the people are protected.

All this took place in the presence of Blue Helmets and for days it was not intervened internationally. Neither Christian nor Jewish or Islamic countries made an announcement or sent soldiers over. That’s why this day has gone down in history as the day humanity has failed.

The massacre

After 4 pm, the Serbian soldiers called the Muslims who had retreated to their homes. They called:
Come out with your hands up! Speed up! Nothing will happen!

Some Bosnians had an idea what would happen and tried to escape into the woods. It was shot in the fleeing crowd. Some Muslims had tried to escape with their elderly parents on their backs, but were stopped.

The fathers were forced to call their children out of the woods and the fathers did it. They promised their children the same as the Serbian soldiers. That nothing will happen.

The Muslims, who could not escape from Srebrenica, were loaded with mockery and ridicule on trucks and driven to a forest edge. There they were told to lie down and say their last prayers. Subsequently, they were killed by shots in the back. The remaining Muslims who were still in the truck were forced to carry the bodies away. Then it was said that they had deserved that for a long time and then they were also shot.

Even civilian Serbs armed with Kalashnikovs shot up the private houses of the Muslims and when they met Muslims there (no matter if they were young or old) they shot them dead.

That night, 15,000 Muslims fled to the forest, they fled 60 km to the nearest safe haven. The Serbian tanks, however, have opened fire on the mountains with the intention of killing Muslims.

There were 50 buses at Potočari to get the Muslims out of there. Here, however, all male Muslims who were between 15 and 70 years old got picked out by Serbian soldiers with the saying that they committed a war crime. Ratko Mladić also gave a speech in front of the TV cameras there, guaranteeing that nothing will happen to anyone and that everyone will come out safe from Srebrenica. Afterwards Ratko Mladić gave chocolate to the children and said:
Allah can not help you but Mladic can.

The Dutch soldiers, stationed there by the UN for the safety of the Muslims, looked at the whole spectacle, did nothing and left their positions after a week. At the “departure party” the officer Thomas Karremans and Ratko Mladić drank wine together and expressed their comfort for a long life. Finally, Ratko Mladić gave Thomas Karremans some gifts to return to and asked him to greet the Dutch brothers. They smiled, laughed, shook hands and said goodbye.

Within just 3 days, more than 8,300 people were tortured and murdered brutally because of their religion. Women were raped and people were simply thrown into mass graves.

Of course you could say: you dramatize the events. Anyone can just say what you write there … No my friend. I only wrote down what I saw with my own eyes on videos. I would even say: who knows what else has happened there that I have not seen yet …

Ratko Mladić

Ratko Mladić was the Serbian general, commander-in-chief and at the same time the man who ordered all these acts and also actively carried out himself.

He has been noticed several times with his genocidal actions, but was never held accountable. Only over 20 years after the events of Srebrenica he was sentenced to life imprisonment.

We have the 11th of July 1995. We are in Srebrenica Serbia. Today, on the morning of the holy day of the Serbs, we give this city to the Serbs. The time has come to avenge the Muslims.

Ratko Mladić – July 11, 1995, Srebrenica Serbia

What surprised me about his character and approach was that it was very similar to that of the terrorist in New Zealand. However, Mladić has gone one step further and has summoned all Muslims by lying, to assassinate them more easily.

You have to lay down your weapons. I guarantee everyone his life, who puts down his weapon ….

… that’s under your (Nesib Menciç) responsibility. You should lay down your arms and save your people from extermination.

Ratko Mladić at the negotiating table with Thomas Karremans, Nesib Menciç

Thomas Karremans

Thomas Karremans was the officer assigned by the UN to guarantee the safety of Muslims. In the end, however, he failed miserably at this task and, despite the events he saw with his own eyes, he returned home with a smile on his face.

If I look at the notes of the conversations that took place between Mladić and Karremans, it quickly becomes clear who is the boss.

It seems to me that Karremans has been sent to Bosnia to gain the trust of Muslims and that the genocidal act can be carried out more easily. Given the fact that more than 8,300 Muslims have been murdered and Mr. Karremans has left with a smile on his face, it even reinforces these thoughts.

Karremans later in his life wrote a book about these events, entitled: Srebrenica, who cares? Unfortunately, I couldn’t find the book nowhere to buy it. Therefore i can not say whether this is a good or a bad book.

The Memorial

There is now a memorial where you can visit the graves of the victims and pray for them. A non-Muslim can also go there to get an idea of the scale.

I have marked this place in Google Maps and will definitely visit it so god will. If I did that, I’ll write it to you in a blog post.


I think you should not look at this event only from the perspective that Muslims got murdered, but I would advise anyone to approach history more objectively.

For example, today I have seen everywhere that Muslims suddenly think of these events. But I have a legitimate question: where were you last year and the year before?!? This is because almost all Muslims can be emotionally distracted by others.

The biggest lessons that we as humans can draw from this thing are in my opinion:

  1. Do not trust NATO, the UN or other associations founded by capitalist-led countries. Who knows what they have received so that they do not intervene. Unfortunately, all countries belong to this category today.
  2. Do not expect the media to report scrupulously. Who expects that is stupid. This includes all German as well as all others, such as the Turkish media. The media is just running behind money, and if any of the media reported on these events, you should be aware that it is only because of the drama, not out of righteousness.
  3. See how the Muslims been manipulated and get involved and do not belong to the group of followers! Analyzed the posts shared this day and realized how much hate these contain. Then remember, these acts were also driven by hatred and you are not better, if you also hate!

I could still write so much but that would require a separate blog post. I hope that this post helped you and hope that my opinion is not too offensive.


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