Small round along the Perlenbachdam

My discovery history of the beach chairs with the most beautiful view of the dam.

  1. The Track
  2. Highlight
  3. Conclusion

I wanted to go hiking with my wife today and my brother has agreed to come with us. Today’s round should go to Perlenbachdam. We drove to the following parking lot:

The parking was empty, which surprised me considering it was outside 31°. From this parking lot you can go directly into the forest and down to the Perlenbachdam.

First you have to go through a dirt road.
A photo from the forest path

The Track

The recording of our track looked like this:

However, this route is not recommended, because we had to cancel the hike due to weather conditions. All participants were fasting and at 31° Celsius it was impossible to make as long a hike as planned (6km).


Because we were there with the family I did not take so many photos. However, I can show you a photo, what will be the reason if i will go there again:

The exact position of these chairs is here:

We passed these chairs but also along the forest path the view and the atmosphere was nice


This little section where we left was already beautiful, but we could not go full route and had to stop the hike. The only thing I can recommend you from this hike is the path Perlenau, because it is so quiet and shady.


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