Sincerity (Samimiyet)

How sincere are you with your life goal?

  1. Islamic terms
    1. The relationship
  2. The reflection
  3. The effort
  4. Conclusion

We talked about sincerity in the mosque and I’ve also learned a lot. It was about what your life goal is and what you have achieved so far.

Islamic terms

In Islamic terminology, there are, among others, the following terms to describe the beliefs of a person:

  • Hypocrite (Münafık)
  • Infidel (Kafir)
  • The devoted (Muslim)
  • The convinced (Moomin)

The relationship

We have used these terms because a person can have everything as a life goal and can be assigned to these categories.

For example, if we take Ataturk in Turkey and refer to the terms that his life’s goal was to integrate democracy into Turkey, he was convinced in his cause, so he was a Moomin. He reached his goal.

The reflection

From this point of view, we then discussed that many people whose names we have heard and associated with something, were so convinced of their life goal that they managed to be heard.

Even Adolf Hitler was so convinced of his life goal (even if it is bad) that he dedicated his life to this goal.

The effort

That was the core theme of this lecture. How much are we working to achieve your goals? Because it tells us how sincere we are with our statement that we have a life goal.

Mustafa Kemal had a life goal and achieved it. Adolf Hitler had a life goal and achieved it. The Prophet Muhammad (sav) had a life goal and achieved it. What is our purpose in life and what are we doing to achieve it?

We have to work at least daily for our goals, so that we can even be counted in the category (Muslim) for our life goal. Otherwise, we just pass our time and pretend all our lives that we have a goal.


Unfortunately, in this day and age, people are being taught that they can have dreams and that they can be achieved. It is neglected, however, that you have to work hard for it and that our life goal can sometimes push us to nervous breakdowns.

Many people have dreams and goals, but they end up embittered with overcrowded dreams because they have never been taught that they have to go through filth to reach those goals.


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