Setting up the start page

  1. First to the hike ..
  2. Let's get to the main topic ..

After a pleasant hike and some errands with my girlfriend, her sister and another friend I can start writing my second post for today …

First to the hike ..

For exploring new trails and tracking my hiking trails I use the app Komoot . It’s cheap in my opinion since it’s a one-time payment and you can make your routes available offline. My route looked like this:

We have made with my girlfriend Saturdays to hike a route. I will take photos again and again and put them here.

Let’s get to the main topic ..

If you currently go to the start page, you will see the following:

Of course, I can not expect any visitors to my site, as the homepage does not help us without further links and information. I already have an idea of a block for the introduction.

It should first give an introductory picture (me) and next to something about me etc …

However, this block must be completely reprogrammed by scratch. If you’ve already dealt with Gutenberg, you’ll need to know that a preprocessor , compiler like babel etc. is needed and it’s annoying to set it up every time. That’s why I was looking for a generator and I also found it. It can be found under the Git Repo create-good-block . I’ll take a closer look and talk about it tomorrow. Good night and see you tomorrow!


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