Present Local Business on the Web

All the basics you need to keep in mind if you want to showcase your business well online.

  1. Before you start
  2. Google Maps / Bing
  3. Facebook / Forsquare
  4. Local favorites (eg Yandex)
  5. Promote reviews
  6. Conclusion

Many shopkeepers have not yet arrived in the web world and therefore do not know what they need to pay attention to in order to present their store on the web.

That’s why I want to summarize all the necessary stuff in this post so you can successfully put your business on the net.

Before you start

Before you start, you should ideally have the following ready so that you can do everything in one go:

  • Logo of the company in very large formats
  • High resolution photos best also indoor shots
  • Professional texts that present your company

Once you have all these materials on hand you can start.

Google Maps / Bing

First, you need to submit your business on Google Maps and Bing. The link list to add to your business:
Google Maps here
Bing here

When registering, you must use the materials mentioned above and do not forget that you only have to use high-resolution data. Otherwise, it is better to not upload photos.

Facebook / Forsquare

What is also essential today is a Facebook page and an entry in foursquare.

Facebook is important because potential or even already gained customers would like to write/chat with the company via the Facebook chat function. This creates confidence in the company and you are in direct contact with the customers.

Forsquare is important because many apps relate to local companies from Forsquare. If your business is not listed there, it is very unlikely that it will be listed in the app.

Local favorites (eg Yandex)

The companies I mentioned above are very successful globally and most people use these platforms. However, it is also important that you do not disregard local preferences for local businesses.

In Turkey, for example, the use of Yandex is very widespread. In such cases you also have to pay a lot of attention to these portals. Add to Yandex.

Promote reviews

It does not matter if you offer the best product in town. As long as you do not have positive reviews, no one will notice and nobody will be interested in your business.

Therefore, many service providers have actions and aspirations to animate their customers for a good rating.

For example, I used to play paintball with my friends and there was a sign saying: For a good rating, you get a free drink. I did not notice anything negative anyway and it was incredibly fun. That’s why I submitted a review and picked up my drink. Today, they have a lot of good reviews and that’s what Google Search looks for.


You will have realized that the biggest work is to register your business in online platforms and maintain this platform.

If the staff numbers allow it, I would even recommend an employee to specialize in taking care of these platforms. This means that this person must answer messages, create events, and keep all other details up to date.

If you want to advertise, feel free to read my guide to choosing the advertising platform:


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