Pamukkale – Turkey [Experience]

Beautiful nature pictures at expensive prices

  1. The entry
  2. It goes up
  3. The terraces
  4. Once at the top
    1. The view
  5. Eat Drink
    1. Hierapolis
  6. Conclusion
 I have not received any money for this blog post. Everything I write is based on my own experiences! 

If you come to Denizli, you have to visit the white terraces of Pamukkale and we did.

I have mixed feelings. You will notice immediately why.

The entry

We arrived and there was already a queue at the entrance. The entrance fee is 60 Lira. That’s about 10 euros. In my opinion, this is outrageously expensive, considering that it was free of charge in the old days and cost only 20 lira some time ago.

The price table

It goes up

We first went up a bit until it came to a point where you had to take off your shoes. From this point on it was forbidden to wear shoes. I also saw a boy trying to get into the water with flip-flops, but the security service stopped him.

The terraces

On the track that leads upwards you will always find terraces where you can go in and sit down.

Although we arrived early enough to see Pamukkale, I thought it was very crowded.

When we arrived at the top and spent some time, you could clearly see how many people came to it. It was much too crowded and you could not walk comfortably.

Once at the top

Once at the top you could eat, drink, enjoy the view and go to another museum.

The view

You have an incredible view up there and can also send really nice photos. The blue terraces and the blue sky, split from the panoramic view of the city and the mountains beyond, form a really beautiful constellation.

Eat Drink

Upstairs there is food and drink at airport prices . I found so rude that I can not find words to write down my feelings.

Even if tourists come to this place, these prices outrageously high. We are not on an island where we can talk about increased transport costs so it’s open usury.


There you also have the opportunity to visit another museum (Hierapolis). These are excavations from the ancient Greek city of Hierapolis, which you can look at and find more out about the findings.

This museum is very interesting, but I found it outrageous that I had to pay an entrance fee (8₺) again. This is not a problem for tourists and guest workers, but these prices are not affordable for locals.


If you drive to Pamukkale to admire a natural wonder, unfortunately, will be bitterly disappointed. These prices are far too high and this place is way too crowded. As a Turk, however, one would like to see Pamukkale and accept these questionable prices.

The biggest problems with these places are because of the prices for the locals. One does not offer this group of people the possibility to get a discount.


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