Pamukkale Turizm (Bus) [Experience]

A mixture between the ICE (Germany) First Class and flixbus

  1. The booking
  2. The ride
    1. Entertainment
    2. USB / Socket
    3. Eat Drink
    4. Safety / driving behavior
    5. Comfort
  3. Conclusion
 I have not received any money for this blog post. Everything I write is based on my own experiences! 

After a day in Antalya we had to go to Denizli because we were invited to a wedding. I had previously researched on the Internet, which bus company we should book to go to Denizli, but I could not decide.

Many have already recommended Pamukkale Turizm to me in advance and even several taxi drivers have recommended me this company.

The booking

In Turkey, there are bus stations, from where the buses drive across Turkey. There you can also buy tickets.

We went to the counter of Pamukkale and the woman was able to answer all our questions and even show us exactly where we will sit on a bus seating plan.

The ride

I completely forgot to take enough pictures to show you, but I will tell you my experience in writing as best I can.


We have taken our place in the bus and of course I immediately noticed the entertainment package. By that I mean the LCD TV in front of me on the seat.

However, when I looked at it more closely, I unfortunately had to realize that the screen does not really bring anything. The TV did not receive any channels. You could see the bus driver but the quality was so bad that you did not recognize anything. There was only one movie and it has played so bad that you could not watch it. I have not tried the other modes.

USB / Socket

In my opinion that was the highlight of this bus ride. You had the opportunity to charge your phone via USB and you had a 220v socket on the seat. A socket I knew so far only from the ICE (Germany) in the first class.

My wife wanted to play a game on my laptop so I plugged my laptop in and it actually worked. That meant, of course, that if I could drive my company on the road with my laptop in the future, that would be a big plus for this company.

Eat Drink

We were offered an ice cream right after the departure and were offered during the trip again and again food and drinks for free .

If the food was not enough, you could buy more during the break. The made a break after two hours of driving.

Safety / driving behavior

I usually can never sleep in buses or planes because I’m afraid something might happen during my sleep.

However, the bus driver from Pamukkale drove so safely that I even closed my eyes while driving.

It started to rain on the way and the driver drove at such a speed that I never felt insecure.


I also asked my wife for comfort and how she felt it and we agreed that the seats were suitable for a long drive and that the necessary atmosphere was provided for stress-free travel.

It was neither screamed nor too loud. The volume was pleasant enough that you could sleep or read a book. I read a book and was able to concentrate fully on the content.


There are only two components that I expect from a travel company. This is on the one hand the security and on the other hand the possibility to work. Pamukkale has met both expectations to my complete satisfaction.

A friend will drive from here tomorrow (Denizli) to Antalya and I have booked him due to my satisfaction a ticket at Pamukkale. So much for whether I would recommend this company.


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