On donations

Why I think helping the poor can not always be good.

  1. I know what I'm talking about
  2. Attempts to help
  3. The thief
    1. The ungrateful
  4. Conclusion

I’ve always wondered why the super rich never spend half their money? Even if they donate, they would have enough that they could never spend it.

But the older I get, the better I understand it. Did you know that poor people who win the lottery are very likely to spend all the money and are poor again? That’s why I think: Don’t donate so much.

I know what I’m talking about

I have not always been good either. I had time in my life, where for months I only ate bread and butter. Not because I wanted it that way, but because the conditions demanded that.

Thank God, I have such and similar times behind me and I can also speak of luck, that I did not ask for any help at that time.

Attempts to help

The thief

There was, for example, a boy who flew out from home. I organized him an accommodation and got him everything from food to a printer, even toilet paper.

I told him that he could live there for a month at my expense and asked him to use the laptop and the printer to find a flat.

He did nothing within a month and I gave him a stay for another month. He still did not do anything and I was forced to throw him out.

In the end, he was thankful by stealing a 50 Euro mobile phone and a jacket from the apartment.

The ungrateful

It was not even the beginning of the month and one asked me to support him financially. I went shopping for him and asked him what he needed. His answer was that he would not smoke anything but Marlboro …


Of course, as a human, you have to help other people. It is in our nature to try to help other people. But you always have to be aware that most people do not get on with this help.

It’s hard when I write that, but most people need to blame themselves for living the way they live. For myself, I am the clear proof that a human being, by adapting to his environment, can also increase himself financially.

For this, the individual must be willing to change his situation and that is only possible through discipline. What I think about when I think of discipline you can read here:


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