Off to the beach…

  1. Where do you go?
  2. My car
  3. Mom's birthday!
  4. The arrival

Today was a packed day. I had to start work and paperwork very early, so everything is done for tonight.

Where do you go?

I drive with my wife over the weekend to the beach near Domburg. There are these beach houses and she was so nice to rent such a house over a weekend.

This is how the houses look like according to the Internet portal.

I’m really curious if the view is so great in real.

My car

My car has been in the garage for the last few days and today I have brought it in for safety once again and asked them to take a closer look. The mechanic said that I would like to replace the ignition coil, but we have postponed this to the next week.

Mom’s birthday!

After I left my car in the workshop, I still made Homeoffice at home and then quickly over to the garage to pick up my car, suitcase in the car and over to Mama.

Sweet sweet how much she has prepared for us because she knew that all children will come over with the grandchildren. We ate together and as a drunk there was Turkish tea with cake.

When we were done there, with the blessings from my mom we made us on the way.

The arrival

It is now 00:35 and we are very exhausted. I’ll show you some pictures of the view tomorrow morning.


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