Oasser air compressor

In the meantime almost a month tested on car and bike and this is my experience ...

    1. Package contents
    2. The operation
    3. Air / Battery capacity
    4. Support
  1. Conclusion

A tire from my car has always lost air and I had to pay € 1 to the gas station each time to pump up my tire. At some point you think about how much money you spend on air and would like to bundle the expenses as well as possible. This led to the purchase of the Oasser air compressor.

The Oasser air compressor is a battery powered compressor and at the same time a LED flashlight. It serves to inflate various devices such as cars, bicycles or balls. I have used it several times and would like to justify my purchase recommendation.

Package contents

The compressor comes with a charging cable for the car, a charging cable for 220V and several attachments. You can load the compressor in parallel in the car and inflate its tires at the same time.

The operation

The handling is very easy. I spent only a few minutes with the manual and could then operate the device already. You could easily enumerate the steps:

  • You connect the compressor
  • Turn it on
  • Set a desired pressure
  • Start

Air / Battery capacity

Of course, there is also the question of how long does such a battery last? I have not fully charged the battery and used it to the end but can report the maximum usage.

Once I inflated my two rear tires from about 1 bar to 2.1 bar and then a friend has checked the tire pressure and added on all his tires on his car. After that I had according to the display still a half full battery charge.


At the beginning I had written to the customer support because of a problem. They reacted very quickly and satisfactorily:

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,
Here is Brigitte Mitzi from Oasser at amazon.de Thank you for purchasing Oasser product from our shop. Thanks for your support.
We regret that you are not satisfied with your purchase. We are ready to tackle the problem.
But I am very sorry that we do not sell a separate charger.
If only the charger is broken, I can refund you purchase price for a charger. And you can buy a new one.
If you have further suggestions, please let us know. We want to let you know that your satisfaction is always our top priority.
We are happy to hear from you.
Please accept again our apology.
We wish you a nice day!
Yours sincerely,
Brigitte Mitzi

I could not see if my device was charging and had asked if this might be due to the charger.


I think that was a very good decision to choose this purchase. I always have the device with me in my car and I’ve also gotten a tire pilot. This is then in my opinion very well prepared for a possible flat tire.


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