Nice view of the Ahr valley along the vineyards

A beautiful route to take a break or just to enjoy the peace with your partner.

  1. The journey
  2. The route
    1. The beginning
    2. Like a sightseeing flight
    3. The atmosphere
    4. Seating
    5. Forest paths
    6. The Hermitage
    7. Wine village Rech
    8. The way back
  3. Conclusion

I spontaneously decided to go hiking today and searched for good destinations in Komoot.

There I had been looking for a way longer route, which I had not done because of the length. And then today the time has come.

The journey

We drove to a small parking lot, which seemed like the driveway was normally blocked by a bollard but when we arrived the bollard was down and we just drove in. I mark you the exact place

Even when I arrived there I was very impressed because of the mountain walls. They made the impression as if you had arrived in a village in Italy. Because I was not prepared for this beautiful sight, I could not shoot any photos.

The route

Our route has been almost 9 kilometers long and I must honestly say that this is one of the best routes I have ever taken.

The beginning

We went into the village first. If we were to drink wine we would have been able to drink a glass of wine there before we started our hike and start our route. Then it went very steeply along the vineyards.

Like a sightseeing flight

At some point we reached a height where we could look over several villages and enjoy the sight of the vineyards in full splendor.

The atmosphere

It was quiet and not crowded. We have rarely met other hikers. It was so quiet up there that we heard everything. No matter if it is a motorcyclist, the music from an apartment or the referee on the football field.

You really had the feeling of distance and could talk well with your partner. But I can just as well imagine just going the route again if I need some distance from the outside world.


Along the route there were regular opportunities to sit with a very nice view of the villages.

Forest paths

In my above mentioned route I also had forest sections. For a short while you through a small forest section and then you had the incredibly beautiful view again.

The Hermitage

The Hermitage has attracted attention as the most beautiful abode on my entire route. It’s featured on Google Maps as an observation deck, but it also has nice seating and can also be used as a place to refresh. I took a few pictures, if you would like to hike the trail or just want to enjoy refreshment with a nice view.

Wine village Rech

Once in Rech you have the opportunity to take a break and have a bite to eat or something to drink.

If for some reason you do not feel fit enough and think you can not make it back, there is a train station from where the train goes straight back to Marienthal.

The way back

In Reich, we came to a path that leads back along the stream. Of course, the way back was shorter because we did not have to go outside the village.

You went to the next village completely along the stream and could enjoy the atmosphere of the stream. On this route there was also ample seating, where you could just relax and unwind. We did that too.


This is the longest distance I have gone so far and it was a really good choice! I would recommend this route to anyone who wants to take a little walk with their family or a friend.

All the possibilities to enjoy a refreshment make the route more attractive. I will definitely go this route again.


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