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It is time to switch to a more modern system

  1. Why?
    1. More modern system

We have now achieved some goals and double the number of visitors per month. So that I can write better contributions in the future, I will program some updates.

The number of visitors I’ve had a month is now weekly on my blog.


I want to get away from the current structure that I can only show you some pictures and write texts. I want to make the website as interactive as possible so that it also provides added value.

In order for me to do this, I will have to change my website to a new system and continue programming. As soon as a new module is finished I will show you.

More modern system

Over time, I’m switching to the so-called system webpack. This allows me to make my website much faster and at the same time more flexible. In the future, thanks to this system, I will also be able to present you more qualitative pictures, maps and statistics.


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