My trip to Berlin

To the WordCamp EU 2019

  1. Check in and flight
  2. In Berlin
    1. App for route planning
  3. The hotel
  4. Conclusion

The programming department of our company flies completely to the WordCamp in Berlin and we had decided to fly one day earlier, so we can first arrive in Berlin and participate in WordCamp the next day.

We took the train to the airport and it started there already with thunderstorms. Considering that I do not like flying anyway, that’s a really awkward situation.

Check in and flight

We booked a Ryanair flight and had reservations about our luggage. Ryanair has now set up some new rules on luggage.

These rules were so intransparent and unrealistic that I just wanted to make it happen.

I took a bag I had bought in Venice and packed everything I needed. I don’t know the exact dimensions of the bag but I took a picture with the full bag for you.

According to Ryanair’s new rules, this bag should never come through as “small hand luggage” but I still wanted to try my luck.

As we sat at the gate, a woman walked around and addressed only the guests who also had a trolley or a larger backpack with them. That means I was not addressed at all because of my bag.

Also at the gate I came through without problems and needed nothing to pay.

In Berlin

In Berlin, we went directly to the ticket machine at the station and looked at the prices. For our group and our project has best fit the day ticket for a small group (ABC). Ticket pulled and drove to the hotel.

App for route planning

In the beginning I tried to plan the tram routes with Google Navigation but that was impossible because no tracks were given. I then switched to the Deutsche Bahn app (DB Navigator) , because the information was much clearer.

The hotel

We stayed at Plus Berlin and have had no problems at all. Neither in the check in, nor during the stay.

The only thing to watch out for is the location. It is in a very busy district of Berlin. Until today I was in Berlin only in quiet areas and i did not know Schöneberg yet.


After checking in at the hotel, we ate something to eat with my colleagues and then went to a café. To these places I will also write individually in separate posts.


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