My thoughts on the new elections in Istanbul 2019

I followed the elections up close and here are my observations ...

  1. The AKP
  2. The CHP
  3. Propaganda
    1. Imamoğlu was not shown
    2. Imamoğlu calls Mayor Mutt
    3. Imamoğlu works with terrorist organizations
    4. Imamoğlu slaps the people
  4. Sissi comparison
    1. Humiliation without limits
    2. Imamoğlu is not playing fair
  5. Conclusion
 I just want to share my personal opinion with this post! I am not a supporter of a party in Turkey. Neither the CHP, HDP nor the AKP! 

A month ago, elections took place in Turkey, and as a result, the AKP (Erdoğan’s party) lost the most strategic cities in Turkey (Istanbul and Ankara).

Ankara is important because it is the capital and everything that has to do with the government is going from there. Istanbul is the richest source of money in Turkey. More than 70 percent of Turkey’s income comes from Istanbul and losing this money would not have been okay for the AKP.

Therefore, new elections were requested and this request was granted. For a month, the parties in Turkey have been fighting for votes with all their might, and in the end, Ekrem Imamoğlu won the election with more than 800,000 votes.


The AKP has turned on the propaganda toggle since the first day and has used all their media to put Mr. Imamoğlu in a bad picture.

It was alleged that the CHP had stolen ballot papers and was playing with unfair methods. It should be remembered that almost all media in turkey is in the hands of the AKP and the state broadcaster has run a clear anti-CHP campaign.

In the video above, Erdoğan clearly states that even if the CHP wins the election, its party is outnumbered and they will only see it as a window dressing. I do not need to go into the scale of arrogance.

From this we can learn that the AKP now leaves all its work to the media and feels the need only to pour gasoline into the fire. Their condescending and self-assured nature was doomed to them and the citizens of the country showed it to them in a very brutal way.


On the other hand, we have the CHP, which has now realized that they have to work much harder to be elected. They have learned that it is not enough to boast of the actions of Mustafa Kemal but to become active themselves.

As a candidate, they have placed Ekrem Imamoğlu, which has a very warm-hearted outward appearance and advertises that the people are fed up with being split by the AKP.

Their candidate behaves like a well-behaved child and that pleases the Turkish people meanwhile, after they had over 20 years Tayyip Erdoğan in front of them. As a result, the CHP scores enormously.


As mentioned earlier, lies were generated by the CHP candidate Ekrem Imamoğlu and dramatic scenes were produced out of trivialities and subsequently made public in all sorts of media.

I’ll give you a few examples that I just received roughly and was really shocked to see that it was actually perceived by some of the people as truth.

Imamoğlu was not shown

On television Ekrem Imamoğlu was shown only with negative messages and he was never called to a station and allowed to speak. Just days before the election, the state broadcaster invited him and asked him about his election program.

The above video shows how he complains to the people in a public gathering on the media.

Imamoğlu calls Mayor Mutt

It was alleged that Mr Imamoğlu insulted a governor as a mutt. All I can say is that I looked at the pictures and that I’ve already done some video editing and audio editing. This shot did not seem to me to be serious.

Of course, the AKP does not miss this opportunity and talks about Mr Imamoğlu in open conferences, which are televised as if he had really said it. Here is a video by Tayyip Erdoğan, where he submits this claim:

However, the election results have proven that the people are not stupid and can not be guided by these methods.

Imamoğlu works with terrorist organizations

In an interview Mr Imamoğlu was asked what he thinks about the terrorist organizations like ISIS, FETÖ the PKK etc.

His answer was: what should I think? Come let us rule the land together. [What FETÖ? What ISIS? I ask Mr. Erdoğan that together we govern this country and fight together against it.]

What I’ve written in bold in the excerpt above has been cut out and this cut was titled: Imamoğlu is working with terrorist organizations on the daily news. Here’s the interview:

Of course, the AKP and its supporters have again insisted on spreading this video cut like wildfire in all media. All requests from Imamoğlu to watch the whole video were deliberately ignored.

Imamoğlu slaps the people

The above video became so popular that a restaurant worker approached him.

The worker asks: Would you like our vote to hand over the government to all terrorist organizations? Mr. Imamoğlu then asks the boys to watch the video completely.

Then the boy pulls off a show in front of the cameras and Mr. Imamoğlu says goodbye to the people and touches the boy’s cheek. Not to mention that Erdoğan did that too in an other case. The video:

The AKP did not miss the opportunity and an MP was immediately interviewed on this subject. He immediately claims that Mr. Imamoğlu was an aggressive person and had a boy slapped.

Sissi comparison

Everyone knows that Sissi is a tyrant from Egypt, and so do the citizens of Turkey. In the bottom video Erdoğan says: Either you choose the AKP or Sissi! So clear is the thing!

Humiliation without limits

The representative of the AKP (Binali Yıldırım) had a TV debate with Mr Imamoğlu. There various questions were asked on different topics and the respective deputies had three minutes to answer these questions.

Apart from the fact that the AKP MP has publicly referred to Mr Imamoğlu as a supporter of terrorist organizations, Mr Imamoğlu has asked to take a group photo together.

A group photo was taken and the candidates thanked each other. Immediately afterwards, Mr. Yıldırım posted a humiliating Tweet:

In this tweet Mr. Yıldırım says: Mr. Imamoğlu has talked a lot but forgot to say what he plans to do.

Imamoğlu is not playing fair

The reporter called Mr Imamoğlu and told him that he would like to meet with him and then meet with the AKP candidate. They met and Mr Imamoğlu was asked if he had issues that should not be addressed? Mr. Imamoğlu said no and they were done with the conversation.

Afterwards, the reporter wanted to meet with Mr. Yıldırım from the AKP, but apparently he did not feel it was necessary …

He did not miss the opportunity and was interviewed on public television shortly thereafter. He says in this interview: Mr. Imamoğlu does not play with fair cards. He was so outrageous and met behind my back the reporter.


The most important thing I learned in these elections is that lies and propaganda only help to one place and that it will backfire from there on.

Despite what Mr Imamoglu experienced, he won the elections and was greeted by a mass rarely seen by a mayor:

I’m not so worried about the CHP. I am more worried about the CHP’s willingness to govern the country.

Erol Mütercimler – journalist, columnist, scientist and retired naval officer


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