My thoughts on speeding

Every time someone gets into your car, he entrusts his life to you.

  1. The novice driver
  2. The unscrupulous
  3. The irresponsible
  4. Conclusion

I have a lot of friends and family members who like to drive faster and I also know a group of people who are already jittering with a minimal deviation in the speed limit.

I do not mind if the driver drives 70km/h in the 50km/h zone or drives little faster gas when the green traffic light turns yellow. But I’m not always comfortable when someone drives too fast, and I distinguish between the people who are driving.

The novice driver

If a novice driver is speeding, I have cause for concern and I also urge him to drive normally, because he still can not estimate how the car behaves in different situations.

Most of these people are driving because they want to feel “cool” or have been kind of teached to drive like this by others.

The unscrupulous

As unscrupulous I refer to the persons who have already been responsible for at least one accident due to their frenzy, where besides the driver, others were at risk and afterwards still speeding.

I am convinced that these types of people do not value their own lives and neither do the lives that have been entrusted to them. That’s why you should be clear on whether you want to go with this type of person or not.

The irresponsible

The irresponsible has already caused at least one dangerous accident by his frenzy, in which only he was involved and then still has not given up the rage.

Even if this person has not endangered other people, there is a sign of irresponsibility. Especially if this person has a family.


Anyone who could endanger the other should drive carefully and not rush the entire crew into deadly dangers. If someone is driving alone and the roads are free, he can drive from me as he wants. Under the earth, he will care less than if he had taken other souls with him to death.

I myself used to drive very crazy and I noticed that I have not driven so fast since my marriage. Out of the responsibility of my wife.


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