My problem with historical filming

Unfortunately, history has always been abused as propaganda material ...

  1. History is important
  2. Fictional scenes
  3. Exaggerations
  4. Conclusion

In Turkey, it has become mainstream fashion that history is broadcasted as a move or as a serie. I do not watch the series but occasionally saw it when i’ve visited friends.

History is important

For every country, culture and religion, history is an incredibly important ingredient. The course of history is written in this stories.

Almost all countries are governed or lead by their history. Germany with its Nazi era. Turkey with the Ottoman empire. America with its founding and founding goals and so on.

Someone who controls the story also determines what story people believe in.

Fictional scenes

The first big problem are the scenes that are invented. For a movie or a series, scenes are invented. That means:

  • Fictitious dialogues
  • Fictional stories
  • Fictitious quotes
  • Invented personalities

In these gaps filler scenes you can install what you want. The main problem here is that people believe in these fillers. In some cases, dialogues are made that have never taken place. Here, sentences are formed and the story is structured so that you can consciously direct the thoughts of the audience.

Of course, people are also influenced by all these scenes.


There are deliberately exaggerations built in, so that the tension increases while this is shown, there is no no consideration for the target person. Religions and people are collectively insulted in an indirect way.

For example, in the Turkish series, I observed it once and found that certain personalities are deliberately portrayed as excessively bad. For example, in the Turkish series “Payitaht Abdülhamid”, the Ottoman Bank is thematized. Here they want to refer to the Rothschild family and for they represent Mayer Amschel Rothschild personally.

I didn’t know that Mayer Amschel Rothschild has stayed in Turkey, but this is portrayed in the series as if he had been in Turkey for a very long time. He is portrayed as a person who has committed murders and led the decline of the ottoman empire. This is historically incorrect and would, for example, lead to very strong irritations. Especially in Turkey, where nobody is reading books.


If people read the books about the stories they see on TV and in the cinema, I would not have a problem at all. But because this is not the case at the moment, it unfortunately brings fatal consequences.

All countries are guided by history and all extremists act on the basis of their historical convictions. People are very easy to convince because they are not researching anyway. I think you should get people to read more authentic books with historical facts again and then they will make their own thoughts.


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