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I would like to share my future plans ...

  1. Tools
    1. What tools?
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So far, i’ve achieved very satisfying statistics, whether it’s traffic to my blog, conversions in Google Ads, or Adsense statistics. I am very satisfied and with each checkpoint I reach I set new goals that I want to achieve.


My next step will be to add value to my website. I will reach that by incorporating useful tools for programmers. Of course i will continue in the meantime with my daily blog posts.

What tools?

It will mainly be generators. I will write scripts that make it easier for other programmers to do the work.


The template I am currently using is being expanded so that it can be used on several websites. When I’m done with that, I’ll cover different niches in my blog and have one person for each niche to write posts in that area. This should cover all interests in my blog, and posts from partner will automatically be pushed, because related posts will show all community bloggers posts.


So far, I have written just over 100 posts and have achieved better results than I’ve imagined. The fact that I have almost 1000 visitors a month in my blog on a variety of topics is a motivation for me.


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