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This post will be something personal ...

  1. No TV, telephone and internet
  2. The environment
  3. Emigration to Germany
  4. His love for children
  5. His love for his parents
  6. His education
  7. Conclusion

My dad has birthday today and I would like to take this as an opportunity to write about him my blog post.

No TV, telephone and internet

My father was born in the village of Mamat in Nevşehir and grew up in Avanos with his grandfather.

In his time, in Turkey usually people had no color TV and no telephone. There was only one in the family who had a phone. If you wanted to make calls to Germany, you had to set a time where you then like had to met on the phone.

There was only one station on the TV that only broadcast at a certain time in a day and that was all about TV consumption what you had in your time in Turkey.

He spent his everyday life in a Turkish farm with his uncle and his grandfather. Even though his grandfather has died in the meantime, his uncle lives there today.

When I go on vacation to my hometown, I pass by and envy him over and over again for his childhood.

The environment

When my great-grandparents came to the place where their offspring lived until today, they arrived at a rock and called this rock their son (Hasan). Since then, this place has been known under the name “The surroundings of Rock Hasan”.

Hasan Kalesi Avanos

My great-grandparents and their children and grandchildren then built their homes around this rock and since then, a very large part of our family has been there.

My dad grew up there and mainly had his family around. Not his own father. Because his father (my grandfather) was in Germany. My grandfather belonged to the first generation of guest workers in Germany.

Emigration to Germany

Before my father came to Germany, he attended an Islamic school in Turkey and has developed further in this area. Later, however, he was brought to Germany by my grandfather in his teens and also went to school here. My other uncles were already here and my dad joined.

It did not take long and he got married to my mother and got three children three years in a row. My older sister, my older brother and me.

His love for children

In the Turkish culture, and especially in my hometown, the rule was that men are more likely to take on the hard role in the family and, accordingly, to be same to everyone (as well as their own children).

My father has managed to become known through his love for his and other children. He is still being told that he also became a child with children. It’s not hard to believe these stories when I watch him today with his grandchildren.

His love for his parents

My dad is one of the few people who are countable in one hand, who respect their parents as I have never seen anyone else.

He gave my grandfather a roof in his house and cared for him daily. He held out until my grandfather left us and I will not forget that. Likewise, I think that even God will not forget it.

My grandma still lives with him and if necessary my dad carries her on his back 3 floors high. I would not write that if I had not seen it with my own eyes.

This is the highest level of respect in my eyes and I will definitely try to take him as a role model.

His education

He has been very authoritarian throughout the education and has put a lot of emphasis on being as good as possible at school.

If I have someone to thank for what I’ve achieved today, it’s just my dad, because he realized in my childhood that media and IT could my skills where i could become something and gave me a laptop back then.

He also always supported my brother and me in what we wanted to do. He has invested a lot of money and exhausted all his possibilities for us.


It’s my dad I’m writing about, and I have so much stuff to write that I could focus my daily contributions on my dad.

At first I am grateful to God for having given me such a father, and then grateful to my father for making me what I am today.

It’s perfectly normal for our relationship to have its ups and downs, but when I think back, I see that he did everything right.

Most of all I am grateful that he has taught me to criticize everything I see and hear and to think hard about if it could be true what i’ve been told.


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