My experience with Onur Air

My experience with Onur Air and the emergency exit seat

  1. Support / Service
    1. Via email
    2. Via phone
  2. The Checkin
  3. The flight
    1. Cigarettes and drinks
    2. The emergency exit
  4. Conclusion
 I have not received any money for this blog post. Everything I write is based on my own experiences! 

I flew to Turkey today and booked my outbound flight at Onur Air. In the internet, I had read very bad reviews before and was also curious what to expect.

Support / Service

Via email

I had written to the airline and asked if they could confirm the booking because I was unsure of the booking. Whether it was processed or not. Their website did not accept my booking number, so I sent them an email.

I contacted them on June 11th at 12 o’clock and asked if they could confirm the booking and they answered me very quickly (within 6 hours) and confirmed the booking. For me any negative reviews in this category were invalid because of the fact that problems can be solved and questions can be answered.

Via phone

I called Onur Air the day before my flight to ask if my flight is still up and I assumed that I would be stuck forever on hold.

I read on the internet that people were on hold for 20 minutes and could not solve their problems. Of course, I then assumed that it would take me just as long and I went in to get my cigarettes. I had a service clerk on the phone before I could do a cigarette.

The woman was also super nice and answered all my questions in a few minutes and our conversation ended in less than five minutes.

A screenshot of my call to Onur Air

The Checkin

Arrived at the airport, we went directly to the Checkin desk and the woman was until now the nicest worker at the counter, with whom I had ever had to do. Until now, I was at the Checkin desk of:

  • Turkish Airlines
  • Lufthansa
  • Ryanair
  • EasyJet
  • euro Wings

The lady asked us if we would like to sit at the emergency exit because we would have more leg room. Of course we agreed and she “processed” all our luggage without any problems.

Our hand luggage was not weighed extra and the lady advised us to go to the gate immediately, because we were relatively late anyway.

The flight

The crew was incredibly nice and competent. The stewardesses were always nice and have tried to solve all questions and requests.

Cigarettes and drinks

During the flight we have the possibility to buy cigarettes and food at Onur Air.

I bought three cans of Coke (250ml) for each 3 € without pledge. I gave the cigarette price list to my cousin and he has just said that this is too expensive. I am not familiar with the cigarette prices in Turkey yet so I thankfully refused.

Front side of the cigarettes price list (as of: 18.07.2019)
Back of the cigarettes Price list (as of: 18.07.2019)

The emergency exit

I sat for the first time at an emergency exit on a plane and was also curious how it will be.

Until now, I only knew this from comedy movies, where everything is overstretched. What I had to do was read only an A4 sheet, which states, which persons are not allowed to sit there (eg pregnant women or persons with children on board) and how one can open the door in case of all cases.


The flight went smoothly and I had no problems at all from booking to landing. I found the service not only good but very good. Everyone was constantly trying to please the customers and for me they have definitely made it.

Thumbs up for Onur Air and no words to the people who dramatize the problems due to trifles and play with negative reviews with the bread of others.


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