My 200th blog day

What I have achieved so far and what i plan

  1. Visitors (Readers)
  2. Top Posts
    1. Organic requests
    2. Paid traffic
    3. Longest reception
  3. Ads income
  4. Target group
  5. Conclusion

I have now reached my 200th blog post and would like to share some numbers with you. When I set up my blog, I promised to keep all the data I get as transparent as possible, so I will not withhold any data from you.

If you have any questions about how the numbers came, you can send them to me via e-mail or facebook .

I will compare my statistics below. Here are the statistics from the 1st – 100th blog post compared to the 101st – 200th blog post.

Visitors (Readers)

The number of visitors has increased amazingly from 1,546 to 8,156 (+ 427.55%). This is:

  • 3,266 (+ 3,232.65%) from an unknown source or direct entry of the URL
  • 2,053 (+ 541.56%) from natural searches (Google, Bing etc.)
  • 2,171 (+ ∞%) from advertising campaigns
  • 684 (-20.83%) of social media. Thanks to everyone who still supports me today.
  • 48 (+ 242.86%) from links on other sites.

The bounce rate was earlier at 91.32% and has now dropped to 53.07%.

Likewise, I also score good numbers when it comes to the average session duration. Average session time increased from 11 seconds to 20 seconds (+ 89.14%). If you say that this is a very short stay, I would remind you that most visitors come to my website to copy codes and that happens very fast.

Of the visitors, 61.81% use the Chrome browser and 24.68% the Safari browser. I have to optimize my website for Safari. I believe this is the reason for the bounce rate at Safari of 77.84%.

59.57% of users visit my website mobile, and assuming that many of them use an iPhone (26.50%), that means I can gain a great audience there by optimizing my website for Safari.

Top Posts

I’d like to list you the top 3 posts with the most organic traffic and then will tell you about paid access traffic.

Organic requests

Most of my organic hits go to my review of the book True Medicine written by Aidin Salih.

The second most frequented is my “Tutorial”, in which I describe how to put an article number on several articles at the same time in the online shop plugin WooCommerce.

The third most visited article is actually my post about RyanAir. There I write about my experiences with the airline and give the readers tips on how to avoid unnecessary costs.

Paid traffic

The most read post, which is triggered by the ads has actually amazed me. It is the article about my father that I wrote on the occasion of his birthday and only told about him and his life.

The second most visited post is about my experiences booking flights and my recommendations on how to get the most out of your vacation.

To be honest, third place did not surprise me. Here I share my experience with advertisements and give readers a recommendation on where to advertise the best.

Longest reception

The longest time users spend on a blog post (25 minutes) is my review of Ken Jebsen and KenFM. There I write about how I came in contact with KenFM and what I think of him and his crew.

Ads income

I have deliberately taken a picture where there are a lot of pennies to be seen because that represents my advertising revenue.

Currently, the advertising revenue brings me daily between 0.01 € and 0.35 €. Last month, I’ve earned 2.11€ through advertising on my blog.

Average income per 1,000 visitors is € 0.45. For me this means that my next goal must be to have at least 200,000 visitors a month. I do not know how that’s possible, but I’m still trying to reach it. Considering that my blog is just 200 days old, I think, a monthly attendance of 4000 visitors is very good.

Target group

Visitors to the “Shoppers” category, meaning people willing to spend money on the Internet, have risen from 428 to 1,354. For me, that means I may be able to put in more product reviews and link the products with my Amazon affiliate link.

In addition, I still have visitors in the categories geeks (1,056), movies lovers (1,053), eco enthusiasts (1,018) and business people (986).


That’s just a small step I’ve taken so far and there are still many goals to be achieved. Despite daily contributions, I always try to provide you with valuable content.

My biggest experience is that daily blogging is a lot more exhausting than I thought. You have to write carefully so as not to over-praise your privacy and still make readers feel like they are a part of your life. I hope that I can provide useful and informative blog posts in the future as well.


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