Muhammed Emin – What is feminism?

What I've learned from the book and how I personally relate to feminism ...

  1. How it came to this
  2. The history
    1. The genesis
    2. Extreme circumstances
    3. The role of the man
    4. The psyche of the woman
      1. Flora Tristan
    5. Feminism today
      1. What I support
      2. What I do not support
    6. Conclusion

Yesterday I read the book “What is Feminism?” And learned a lot.When I started this book, someone asked me who wrote this book when I said that I did not know the writer but the author’s name is Muhammed, came the answer that this book anyway can only be written unilaterally. So much on “prejudices”.

How it came to this

I would not be the only one to say that there are more and more women in the world who, for totally strange reasons, believe they have to make a change in the world and are fighting hard to do so under the guise of feminism.

The sad thing about this story is that these people get a lot of followers who waste their lives with them. In the end, they fought to see that male pedestrians, for example, no longer depict male silhouettes, but females, and think that they have made service to mankind, even though they have been ridiculed for years.

With these thoughts, I approached the book and started reading it …

The history

I will now go into the history of feminism because it is important to understand where the basic idea comes from.

The genesis

Olympe de Gouges (Wikipedia)

The foundation stone of feminism was laid by Olympe de Gouges in 1791, when she published her work ” Declaration of the Rights of Women and Citizens “, which created a new element in the family of “isms”.

Excerpt from the Declaration of the Rights of Women (Wikipedia)

If you had to summarize this document you would be able to summarize it in four points:

  1. As a human, the woman should get the basic rights that belongs to every human being.
  2. In politics, the woman should get the right to vote and be elected.
  3. From an economic point of view, the woman should get the same rights and salaries as a man.
  4. In education, women should have a right to be educated and have the right to access all means of education.

These were the beginnings of feminism. As you can see, women just wanted the same rights as men.

Extreme circumstances

It should be remembered that women were not yet recognized as human beings at this time in Europe. A woman could then be called by her husband a witch and then this woman was publicly burned alive. Then the man could marry a new wife.

These practices were then supported by three pillars.

  • Country
  • Church
  • Family

That is why even back then these pillars were heavily criticized in the works of the feminist movement, which continues to this day.

The role of the man

It is very noticeable that the women who are inspired by the works build a hatred to men. In my opinion, it is wrong to build hate at all, but one should solve all problems with reason and the right strategy.

The second thing that strikes me is that hatred is directed at the wrong target group. The men. It should not be forgotten that the interpretation of the Christian religion and the system of that time were responsible for the fact that these cruel deeds were done to women. However, ignoring the system and religion and being completely fixated on one sex, runs the risk of putting petrol on fire and only making it worse.

The psyche of the woman

Whenever I see a person expressing his views in the most extreme way, I ask myself a question: What must this person have experienced, that it now leads to such a reaction?

A woman must have already experienced mistreatment, humiliation or similar things so that she develops an allergic reaction and devotes her life to the cause.

Flora Tristan

To illustrate my way of thinking, let’s take a woman who has entered into feminist history with her writings and views.

Flora Tristan

Flora was a bad student and did not graduate from school. She then worked at a young age in an engraving workshop and married the owner of the workshop at the age of 17. Her husband severely abused her, so she escaped pregnant with her third child from her husband to England. She could not stay there because her divorce was not valid (at that time women were not allowed to divorce) and then emigrated to Peru. During her trip to Peru, she was also abused and oppressed by men.

You do not have to have a Psychology degree to know that this CV has left many mental scars. For example, in a book she writes …

In a society where a man has that say, the woman is just a slave. The liberation of women is only possible by breaking the bond of marriage and depriving the husband of the role of head of the family.

Flora Tristan – Rides of a Paria (Slave)

I think that’s enough information about the story to begin to understand why feminism came at all. I could write much more about it, but that would go beyond the scope of the article. Please keep in mind that I write daily.

Feminism today

Nowadays women read the books of these oppressed personalities and feel threatened to the utmost. Despite all the access they have today, many feminists do not appreciate it all and always want more. I hope that this far-from-the-moment feminism will end quickly, preserving the source of feminism. Namely, the fundamental rights and freedom of women equals as the man.

But when you start compelling gender-neutral toilets or creating a gender-neutral Siri voice in the name of this move, that ends up being ridiculous.

What I support

Unfortunately, there are still areas of injustice. I am supporting the fight against these injustices. Among other things, equal pay should be strongly promoted and implemented. For example, in a country like Germany, I still can not understand why a woman who has been taught all her life, that marriage is irrelevant, and that she has to earn her own money, does exactly the same job as the man and get almost half of the wage?

In Islamic countries, I can understand that, because there the man has to take care of all expenses of the household and the well-being of the whole family. The woman may freely dispose of her money and would therefore receive a kind of standard rate while the man gets a bonus to take care of his family.

What I do not support

I support nothing that goes beyond the explanation of women’s rights. If women in the name of feminism strip naked at any event to gain attention for their movement, then this movement should rethink its principles well, because they portray the role of women as if a woman could only prevail through nudity. Of course, the media play a very important role here, because it is them who, like hungry sharks, turn their faces to the naked bodies and present it to all the world.

These naked-looking women should be taught history lessons, and once again make them clear where feminism comes from and what they have in comparison today.


I think that women have to redefine themselves completely and have to jump off this whole neofeminism train. The further this madness develops, the more unhappy the women become. Then they think that even more freedom will make them happier, but they will become even more unhappy … And then the madness starts all over again.

The women should learn respect and tolerance. If a self-willed woman wears a burqa or a headscarf, it must be tolerated and respected by everyone else. Similarly, a headscarf wearer must accept that in Europe, women with a skirt and a hot pant may run on the street. When we start to classify the woman based on her clothes we still have a very long way to go.

Instead, women should think about why they are seen as a money printing machines, and more and more need to be seen naked by society so they can prove their freedom.

A woman is a woman and will always be a woman. A man is a man and will always be a man. You can give the woman the freedom but not try to assign her qualities that do not correspond to her nature.


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