If your support team fails, your company has failed!

  1. One smartphone two financings
  2. Trust us!
  3. This moment when
  4. Are you kidding me?!?
  5. Conclusion

My wife’s smartphone has been causing too many problems lately, so I went to Media Markt’s website and bought a new one for my wife.

One smartphone two financings

After I filled in all the necessary data online, I was asked to go to the store and identify myself. That’s why I went to the branch and there I was asked in addition to my ID card, for the bank card.

However, I did not have the said bank card, so I asked the staff to cancel it and to do a new financing with the bank card I took with me.

Said and done. The new funding was made and I got the phone. One thing was missing, however. A cancellation confirmation from the old finance.

Trust us!

I asked for a cancellation confirmation and spent about 20 minutes worrying that the bank would still withdraw the money from my account. The women at the information have assured me that this will not happen and told me that the documents are not sent to the bank at all.

I was convinced with the sentence “We do not do this for the first time” so I drove home.

This moment when

Two months later, I’ve checked my account and saw that, despite my efforts, money has been deducted from my account. I was so angry… you can not imagine. So the theater started.

I called the bank and explained it to them and they said I should call the market. I called the market and they said i should call the online store, then I called the online store. I called the online store and said that only the market could do it and I should call them. Then I called the market again and they wanted me to call the online store again … Then my backups burned out!

Are you kidding me?!?

I asked them, that since about 20 minutes I was trying to sort out a problem that was originally caused by Media Markt. That I had imagined that they should fix this problem and pleased them to take care of it immediately.

Finally, my account debits money for a product I’ve never received, and the staff assured me they’re not doing it for the first time.

The best approach that the employee could offer me on the phone was that I should take all my documents and a proof that money was debited from my account to the market and should clarify it there. At the end of the day I should run after that problem… As I had guessed on the day of the purchase.


No matter what the seller promises you. Be sure get get an confirmation that your order has been canceled. This case was a clear proof to me that all Media Markt employees are just a kind of assembly line employees doing their job. But as soon as it comes to problems, no competence can be shown.

Especially that you are constantly led to another persons and simply turn in a circle, as soon as a problem shows up is showing me that the company is too well and they feel no need to satisfy their customers.

In the other hand, I’ve had other experiences with Amazon, where I got in touch with chat support on every issue and each time the problem was solved. That is also the reason why I prefer to order from Amazon and only resort to financing on Media Markt.


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