Lower Bounce Rates in Analytics

If the time spent by the visitors plays a minor role ...

  1. Problem case
  2. The solution: events
    1. Why is that important?
    2. Conclusion (My realization)

I had until yesterday very high bounce rates in my blog to settle. That’s because Google Analytics always pays attention to the time a visitor spent on a page.

Problem case

In some blog posts, I just have code lines so visitors can copy them out and use those lines in their projects. This is done so and that is why most of the visitors do not spend too much time on my website. They just click on the link, copy the line of code and then close the page.

These visitors, however, should not go into the bounce statistics because they used my website and did not leave the site just like that.

The solution: events

At this point, Google Analytics events come into play. Google Analytics events are certain events that are triggered by the visitor, which you can include in the statistics.

In example i can intercept a click, a copy, an insert process or a cut process and send it to Analytics.

The best explanation of how to program events can be found in the Google Analytics documentation.

Why is that important?

Google Analytics is set up so that once a visitor has triggered two events, is counted as a real visitor and even if he then leaves the website, it is not considered as a bounce.

By programming events, one can also better analyze the behavior of visitors and better focus on the visitors.

Conclusion (My realization)

Yesterday, for example, I noticed that more than 50% of visitors copy lines of code from my blog and then close the browser window. As a result, the rest of the website does not been seen and they don’t spent so much time on my website.

That’s why I’ve decided that once a copy process has taken place, a lightbox will appear automatically, where more interesting articles will be referred, with the hope that visitors click on the links and thus spend more time on my blog.

Of course I will stick in my blog if that has brought something or not.


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