Learn to love

Why I think that mutual love is the key to peace.

  1. Why this book?
  2. Why "in Islam"?
  3. The last lesson
  4. Respect and tolerance
  5. Conclusion

I’ve already sorted the books I’m going to read next, in order to their priority and adjust this order according to my life situation. Currently I am reading the book İslamda Kardeşlik (Brotherhood in Islam) by Halil Beyhan.

Why this book?

When my grandfather passed away at the end of January, I was allowed to go to his library and choose the books I want. There were many interesting books and that was one of them. I’ve also taken this one, among many other books and put it on the first place between the books I’ll read next.

Why “in Islam”?

First of all, I would like to mention that I think the biggest problem in the world right now is that people can not love each other. Not only is this true in the Islamic world, but it is a global phenomenon.

  • Muslims do not like Jews.
  • Jews do not like Muslims.
  • Locals do not like foreigners.
  • Foreigners are not the locals.
  • White people have problems with black
  • and vice versa

Of course, this is not true for everyone, but it is seen in all countries and areas that hatred is sown and violence is harvested. People have to learn to love and I have taken a step to my part by reading a book about what it means to love each other.

What I want to point out is that these practices I read here can be applied not only to Muslims but to all humanity.

The last lesson

For example, this morning I read a chapter that some people can not like other people, just because they do not make the same mistakes as they do. This means that certain people simply do not want to admit that everyone makes mistakes and everyone does it in their own way. Some can not resist their greed and others lust. However, there is no reason not to like the other one just because he “sins differently”.

A very interesting chapter, where I once again wished that this book should also be translated in German.

Respect and tolerance

These two words have been repeated by my wife for a while over and over again. She has repeated it so many times that it is burned in my head. She always said:

Respect and tolerance sweetheart. Respect and tolerance is the key to a good relationship.

I am incredibly grateful that she has said so many times, because in retrospect I think that under any argument between couples, the trigger is either lack of respect or lack of tolerance. Strong words.


We humans must learn to love each other. Either way, there is no way around. If we do not, we will only sweep out each other, and those who end up alone will find new reasons to split themselves, and the madness starts all over again.

Everyone has to work on themselves. As soon as we are able to convey love, every rage and hatred will result in this love. I’ve watched a lecture on bullying. The presenter has picked up someone from the audience and asked the girl to bully and insult him throughout. Every time she insulted him, he answered with beautiful words. In the end, the girl couldn’t say anything anymore and this has proved that the bad always succumbs to the good.

Maybe we do not even need to answer nicely. Maybe it’s just enough if we do not say anything …


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