Laodikeia – Denizli [Experience]

An ancient city, walkable like Pompeii

  1. The location
  2. The museum
  3. The buildings
  4. Conclusion

I was with my cousin and a friend a few days ago at Laodikeia in Denizli. I did not know that Denizli is a city with so many ancient excavations.

I’ve found this place on Google Maps and we drove over by taxi. It was surprising that this place was not crowded. Apparently, the Instagram world is not so interested in ancient cities. But better for me. In my walk through Laodicea I met a maximum of five other tourists.

The location

Laodikeia is located in a very quiet and secluded area between Denizli and Pamukkale. On arrival you pass a barrier and must buy tickets for the number of people in the taxi.

When we arrived there it was so sunny that I could hardly open my eyes. Accordingly, you can also imagine the hotness. Therefore, it was an advantage that there was a kiosk directly at the museum.

The museum

We spent an hour in the museum and looked at the excavation. Too bad I found that there was no audio guide, which explains what was what and what you see there.

The museum reminded me of Pompeii. You can walk around freely and look at the excavations from the near and touch.

The entrance area

There was also an area covered by a glass roof where you could see the excavation underneath. The canopy is very stable and you have no qualms about going there.

A photo of the canopy

The buildings

Many pieces have raised our astonishment with their size. Considering that these works were built more than a thousand years ago, people not only ask themselves how they were built, they also wonder how this marble was transported there.

A photo to show how big the buildings are.

Unfortunately we could only speculate how these were built and what they could have served. Nevertheless, it was interesting to see what possibilities the construction workers must have had in order to realize these works.


It was nice to be able to look at this sight in peace. I would recommend anyone who has ever been in Denizli or Pamukkale to pay a visit here to get a glimpse of the ancient times and to reassess the euphoria these people have had to work on the buildings.

Finally, I would like to share a photo with you so that you once again get the size in mind. This is a theatre where my friends are sitting in one half. I went to the other half and shot a panoramic photo. Will you see my friends there?

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